MEDLIFE: Outstanding Medical, Educational, and Fundraising Services

Written by Kaileen Valencia, MEDLIFE Member

Hello there, Knights! When fundraising services are promoted in the community, we are often misinformed about who, what, and where we are donating.  To achieve our ultimate goal of a world free of poverty, MEDLIFE enables learners and volunteers to become transformational leaders through forming on-campus Chapters, participating in Service Learning Trips, and promoting the Moving Mountains Giving service.  There are several initiatives in which MEDLIFE contributes that should be highlighted.  The following are only a few of the many excellent medical, educational, and fundraising opportunities about which you can acquire knowledge when these services are promoted!

Health Education Workshops

Students interested in educating impoverished communities in developing countries will participate in Mobile Education Workshops, which are week-long Service Learning Trips. This trip provides individuals with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to international education in Lima, Peru. Students will collaborate with local practitioners on education initiatives that will take place throughout the year. Their seminars, which are modelled after health outreach services in the United States, focus on showing patients how to live healthy lives, explaining critical health checks and screenings, addressing questions, and attempting to introduce a philosophy of preventative treatment.  Click here to take a look at what MEDLIFE’s health education workshops look like. 

The MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics

The MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics are “traditional week-long Service Trips” that invite students to work alongside local professionals.  A MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic makes available, high-quality healthcare to areas that do not have access to adequate health coverage.  Mobile clinics are aimed to seek patients who need long-term care. Volunteers shadow physicians, assist with clinical operations and learn about local medical procedures. Local physicians and nurses work at the Mobile Clinics stations. Click here to take a look at MEDLIFE’s mobile clinics!

Moving Mountains Giving Program

Moving Mountains is a collective of dedicated and empowering donors who work together to provide the impoverished with better healthcare, education, and secure homes. They are now focusing their resources and fundraising efforts on providing relief to vulnerable communities such as South America who are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. The situation in Lima, Peru (where deep social disparities exist) is rapidly deteriorating. To put food on the table, many residents rely on part-time jobs such as labourers, housekeepers, and nannies. They have been unable to go to work and earn an income as a result of the lockdown, leaving their families unable to afford food and other necessities.  Furthermore, any person who joins Moving Mountains as a monthly donor enables MEDLIFE to channel a greater percentage of contributions to their year-round community development work. MEDLIFE believes that as a Movement, we will grow out of this pandemic stronger than ever, and being a monthly contributor to Moving Mountains is the first step.  Click here to donate or start a fundraiser for the Moving Mountains Giving Program! 

Through this pandemic, millions of people around the world are struggling in addition to their pre-pandemic circumstances. It would be deeply appreciated if you could donate or spread the word about these critical issues!

Thomson, KarrieMEDLIFE: Outstanding Medical, Educational, and Fundraising Services