India’s COVID-19 Crisis

Written by Aliza Khan

Covid-19 has impacted every country in one way or another, however, India is experiencing the world’s worst outbreak of Covid-19 in history. India has well surpassed the 17 million case mark and diagnoses 300k+ new cases daily. A Study from New Delhi states that in India, every five minutes someone dies of COVID-19. 

The Indian Government is far from prepared to deal with this deadly pandemic. This level of lack of preparation is observed through the country’s slow response time, relaxed protocols and delayed enforcement of health guidelines.

India is experiencing a shortage of medical beds, resources and medical supplies. As the maximum patient capacity has been reached in all Indian hospitals, there is no more room to provide medical support for millions of people who are suffering from the virus. 

While late to the game, the government began to take action in late April. The government scrambled to deliver oxygen and medical supplies to the other states and is also building hospitals dedicated to covid patients. 

The Indian crisis occurred mainly due to crowded events, some of which were held by politicians such as India’s prime minister Narendra Modi. 

Although some states have placed restrictions/curfews, the central government of India is reluctant to impose a full lockdown, as it may largely impact India’s economy. Instead, the government plans to place restrictions on areas of concern. Countries around the world have imposed travel bans and offered critical aid to the nation. Covid-19 is engulfing India, and the government receives criticism for this, as they continue to make slow protocols and refuse to impose a national lockdown. 

The Covid-19 crisis in India is truly devastating. Millions of people are dying and there is a major shortage of supplies. This crisis needs to be brought to light, and addressed by world leaders to help alleviate the burden that the nation is enduring. This crisis is not receiving a lot of media coverage and media companies are censoring posts about the Covid crisis in India. 

India is dying and needs all the help it can get.

How can YOU help?

  1. Donate

India needs all the help it can get, please donate to the fundraiser below:

  1. Amplify social media posts and repost to raise awareness
  1. Place pressure on western governments to provide aid and share vaccines
  1. Call out social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter which are censoring media posts about the Covid-19 crisis in India


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