Reminiscing the Memories of the Graduating Students

Written by Aisha Mir

As the year draws to a close, and COVID-19 has impacted our ability to come together as a community to celebrate our grade 12s, we should remind ourselves of the wonderful memories made at St. Francis Xavier. From going through a school name change to adapting to distanced learning, our grade 12s demonstrated resilience and perseverance. They won’t let a pandemic ruin their career pursuit, despite the unfulfilling school experience within the past year and a half. So as we prepare to bid them farewell, let’s recap some of the many events that took place.

Starting from the moment they entered the school, the Grade 9 Retreat was one of the first events that took place at this school. Being able to have a mentor to guide them throughout the school and take part in exclusive activities was nothing short of memorable. Some of these grade 12s took part in OSLC 40 and 41 where, in the 40th event, they won the award of most spirited school.

Many people remember Wali Shah coming to speak in our school, giving us inspiration that we must hold onto for the rest of our lives. He taught us that societal pressure and conformity will not define a man or woman. He inspired poets and writers within our school to write to their heart’s content and resonated with many children of immigrants.

Experiencing the semi-formal as one of the only dancing and partying experiences turned out to be a memorable experience that we wish we had the luxury of doing within all our years of high school. Relay for Life was a completely different experience in comparison to the semi but proved to be fun nonetheless. Did you take part in the watermelon contest? Were you pied in the face? What about tug of war, and all the games on the field? Reflecting on relay for life, do you wish you could’ve done more to savour the memory?

As a class, we were able to participate in pumpkin carving contests for Halloween. While walking around the main halls of the school, you would see the pumpkins displayed with creative touches. Perhaps in a hospitality class, you would add some food elements incorporated. Who wouldn’t love an edible touch to it? On Halloween, we also held the costume contest and had creative minds come together for the best group and individual costumes. 

While being on a sports team isn’t the same during the pandemic, it’s important to come together and realize the bonds and victories that led to success. Through Timeout Tuesdays, reevaluating the championships and wins against other schools made us realize how granted we can take our privilege to participate in athletics. We are proud of all the coaches and athletes; without them, St. Francis Xavier would not be recognized for its strong athletic standings.

To all the Grade 12s who made a difference in our school by joining extracurricular activities, thank you! We had wonderful executives and management of teams and clubs at our school, going above and beyond during a pandemic to make the initiatives possible. Some clubs had even been founded this year, and though it was much harder to work their way around a virtual setting, they made the school a more enjoyable and uplifting experience.

But the biggest highlight which many people can relate to is the cafeteria’s cookies! We all spent a dollar on these delicious and warm cookies almost every day in the cafeteria. The poutine was also a popular choice among others, but nothing can beat the caf cookies! So as the year comes to an end and as our grade 12s part ways, make the most of past memories and recreate them during the pandemic. All the creativity in the past led to successful events at our school, and this article only listed a few of the countless initiatives at St. Francis Xavier. Our beloved graduating class will be missed. Best of luck to everyone in their endeavours!

Thomson, KarrieReminiscing the Memories of the Graduating Students