Senior Week Initiative Celebrates 2021 Grads

Written by Mark Ramzy

Mr. Cond’s Grade 12 Fitness Leadership class has commenced “Senior Week,” a brand new initiative to celebrate the graduating Class of 2021. 

Despite a lengthy pandemic that has forestalled a traditional graduating experience, senior students at Saint Francis Xavier will receive a memorable week of exciting activities to conclude their final year of high school.

Senior Week will consist of a fitness and wellness day, a live student awards show, and a virtual movie night. 

Wednesday, June 16th, has been designated as “Workout Wednesday.” From 11:40 AM to 12:30 PM, students who wish to participate will have various teacher-led workout rooms available on Microsoft Teams.

As for the awards show, in the past week, students had the chance to nominate their classmates for awards including, but not limited to, “Class Clown,” “Most Likely to Never Leave Milton,” and in true 2021 fashion, “Most Likely to Become TikTok Famous.” 

Starting June 10th, students will have the opportunity to vote between the top 3 nominees in each category. Winners will be announced and recognized on Thursday, June 17th, in a live awards ceremony from 11:40 AM to 12:30 PM.

Senior Week will be capped off with a movie night on Thursday from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Participating students will have the opportunity to vote on the genre of the movie beforehand.

Nicole Campbell, a graduating senior and one of the students developing this initiative, says the purpose of Senior Week is to ensure graduating students feel appreciated despite this abnormal year. “We know some of them [senior students] were upset they didn’t get a proper grad or prom so we wanted to do something to make sure their accomplishments were celebrated properly.” 

Due to current provincial restrictions, the activities will take place online. However, the class plans to host a drive-by pickup for all award winners. 

Regardless of the circumstances, senior students are happy to be recognized as their four years of high school come close to an end. “Senior Week means a lot to me and a lot of the other graduates. It’s a fun way to get our graduating class as engaged as we can in these times!” says Nicholas Aquilina, another graduating senior at St. FX.

To keep up with updates as they become available, students are encouraged to follow @knightseniorweek on Instagram.

Thomson, KarrieSenior Week Initiative Celebrates 2021 Grads