The Anticipated WWI Conference

Written by Aisha Mir and Muhammad Ahmad Bajwa

It is a rousing time for the Model United Nations club as they prepare for their first annual conference at St. Francis Xavier. The theme for this year is the Historic Security Council on the World War I crisis.

If you are unfamiliar with this club, Model United Nations is where students reenact the United Nations and tackle world issues by attending conferences. World War I has been a hot topic across the globe for Model UNers because there was no United Nations during this war. Students must prevent a war from occurring by taking multiple creative approaches. Currently, they have four members of the Central Powers opposing numerous Allied Powers. Who will prevail this year?

The club is also offering an award to the best delegate. To obtain this award, a delegate must exemplify initiative, open-mindedness, and diplomacy. Along with this award, the club will offer superlatives, which are humorous acknowledgements based on different categories. As a sneak peek, one of the categories is “most likely to start World War 3”. Do you know anyone who fits that description?

In preparation for this conference, the executive team has come up with endless possibilities to enhance the students’ experience. From lobby music to awards, they are hard at work to make this the best virtual experience. One of the executives has compiled a video explaining WWI events! Another executive has made trailers for a more cinematic touch to the event. So, are you ready to experience a one-of-a-kind conference?

The conference is open to anyone in the school to watch. As the club has many experienced and competitive debaters taking part in this event, they advise all those interested in United Nations procedure and debate to learn by watching this conference. Even if you won’t join the club, you are encouraged to participate, as it will be an exciting afternoon. The conference will take place on June 18th from 3:00-4:30 PM. Please inform the Model United Nations club if you are interested in joining. You can find them on Instagram – @stfxmodelun. 

As the year draws to a close, Ms. Campanelli would like to say, “A number of our previous Knights Model UN members have gone on to participate internationally in simulations at universities. We have great plans for next year and I am looking forward to coordinating with a great executive team, and providing opportunities no matter what our school year looks like in September.” Are you ready to MUN next year?

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