Fun Activities To Do In The Winter Break

By: Cameron Blackwood 

The winter break offers a couple of weeks to do what you would like. Whether that be relaxing, playing video games, or even building a snowman, there is no denying that there are endless activities to do during this energizing and rejuvenating break. 

During the winter holidays, it is vital that you try and take advantage of the weather. When the temperature is around -10 degrees celsius, outdoor ice skating is one of the best ways to experience the joys of winter. Places such as Gage Park in Brampton and Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto offer some of the best outdoor ice skating experiences you could have in the GTA. Another way to make the most of the snowy winter season is to go skiing or snowboarding, and if you don’t do either one of those, it doesn’t hurt to try. These two wonderful activities provide an exhilarating, action packed experience that truly captures the joys of winter. Luckily, Milton is home to a ski hill right in our own backyard, at Glen Eden. 

Furthermore, when somebody says the words ‘winter break’ many people instantly think of Christmas. Luckily, there are many Christmas activities in the GTA to experience but one of the main ones to focus on is definitely the Christmas Market located in the Distillery District in downtown Toronto. The Toronto Christmas Market gives off a great christmas vibe allowing guests to walk around and enjoy some of the best festivities that the winter season has to offer. Whether it be shopping for some cozy winter clothing or hanging out around a fire pit drinking some hot chocolate, this market has all you can desire for a great wintertime experience. 

No matter how you celebrate the winter break, all that matters is that you have a good time and that you enjoy yourself as much as possible. The winter break is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation that one does not usually have access to during the year. This is why you have to make the most of it. You could possibly partake in some of the activities listed above or you could do whatever suits your needs and desires. However you spend the winter break, is up to you, all that matters is that you have a fun and relaxing break. 

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