Giving Back to the Community During the Holiday Season

When we think of the holidays, we imagine family and friends around the fireplace, huge meals filled with love and laughter, and gifts given depending on what you celebrate. But what about the people who can’t afford those lavish meals and expensive toys? What about the people that not only crave the warmth of loved ones, but also the warmth of a blanket? Despite the season being advertised as the “happiest time of the year”, it can be very stressful for people to make ends meet. This holiday season, let’s do our best to support the community and find ways to help those who need it the most. 

During the holiday season, we should make it a priority to remember the less fortunate. We need to recognize our privilege and understand that so many people out there wish just for a warm bed, even if it is for one night. It is important to acknowledge our privilege because doing so allows us to help those in need. The world runs on the notion that people should help people, regardless of whether they gain anything from it. So, what better time to put this in motion than the holiday season? It is known as the season of giving after all.

There are countless simple ways you can give back to your community and show that you care. A common but impactful way to give back is by donating your old items and clothes to your local thrift store, shelter, or to the Salvation Army. You may wonder what an old piece of clothing or used toy can do, but as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It could really help someone stay warm during the winter season, or even give a child something to play with over the holidays. Furthermore, volunteering or giving your time to others is a great way to give back to the community. Some people need that holiday spirit and reminder that someone is there to share it with them. Caroling, arts/crafts or just spending time with people who feel alone during this christmas season is an impactful way to give happiness to others in your community. 

The holidays are a time of cheer and happiness, and every single person should be able to feel it. It should be our priority to help those in need because not everyone has the same privileges as us. Some people cannot afford to live the lifestyle we do, and so we should give back to them. There are simple ways, such as donating items as well as our time. In conclusion, to help everyone feel that warm holiday spirit, we should try our best to give back as much as we can to our community. 

Mazza, EliseGiving Back to the Community During the Holiday Season