Warm for Winter Initiative

By Aisha Mir and Meher Aamir

    On the announcements everyday, our peers highlight the importance of giving to others and benefiting from it. Do you wonder why our school always emphasizes the importance of donating? Well, we have some information about this. We are happy to introduce the Warm for Winter Initiative!

  The Warm for Winter Initiative is being run by a grade 11 Leadership class until December 16th. They are hoping to collect 250 gently used coats of all sizes to give back to our Milton community. If this goal is met, then one grade 12 student from our school will be selected to win a thousand dollar scholarship that is renewable yearly!

   What are some things you can give? Well, many of us tend to keep coats which we have outgrown. Perhaps you may pass this down to a younger sibling, or maybe you can use that coat for a generous donation and have your sibling purchase another one!

   Keep the term gently used in mind. This is not the place where you can toss your ruined and worn out coat into the initiative. These coats will go to the less fortunate during the winter season. Many of us in the school community have the privilege of affording new items, so it seems reasonable for us to donate the gently used coats and help do our part in this community! 

   During this initiative, we are reminded to exemplify empathy and compassion for strangers, just like our Catholic role models teach us to do. Your generosity can be another person’s reason to exist. Remember to continue accepting, including, and especially serving with love. There is always someone who will appreciate your efforts for going the extra mile.

Mazza, EliseWarm for Winter Initiative