3 Ways to Get Into the Easter Spirit

By: Cameron Blackwood

The Easter season is right around the corner. This season offers many days to partake in Easter-related events and activities, but also to seek relaxation during a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. Taking advantage of these days could be just the thing you need to help ring in the spring this year. 

One of the best activities that would really help you get into the Easter spirit, is decorating eggs. Decorating eggs is one of the main activities people have done for decades to help celebrate Easter, and this pastime is still going strong to this day. Some typical designs for Easter eggs are flowers, bunnies, and different types of shapes, but any combination of pastel paint and lines will do just fine. Furthermore, The best thing about this activity is that you choose what to do with the eggs once you’re done painting. You could have an easter egg hunt, put the eggs on display or you could play an Easter themed egg toss, the possibilities are endless. 

The weather forecast for this season is shaping up to be pretty warm with a couple of light showers here and there, which is perfect weather for outdoor Easter themed activities. One of the best Easter-related events is located in Toronto at the Beaches Easter Parade. This family friendly parade located in the Beaches neighbourhood in Toronto combines a beautiful spring day with the joys of Easter, all whilst being a walk away from the gorgeous shore of Lake Ontario. This parade consists of numerous floats, and Easter festivities including an Easter egg hunt in the park. Not to mention, there are numerous dining options in the area such as Ed’s Real Scoop ice cream to Tori’s Bakeshop, whatever you want, the Beaches have it. If you really want to have a positive and exciting Easter experience, this parade should be the first thing on your mind. 

What would Easter be without the food! During Easter, the Easter lunch or Dinner brings the whole day together, everybody sits at the same table and digs into their separate plates of food  all while celebrating the rebirth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The typical meals for an Easter dinner include lamb, turkey, ham, bread, potatoes and some sort of vegetable but anything along these lines would be perfectly fine. Vegan options for these foods would be totally acceptable as well, especially when it comes to the chocolate. When people think of Easter, one of the main things they think about is the mountain of chocolate and candy you get. Diving into some delicious chocolate is one of the best things you can do to truly get in the Easter spirit, just make sure you pace yourself. 

The most important thing to remember whilst celebrating Easter is to keep the environment clean. As the seasons begin to change, it would really suck to see such a beautiful time be spoiled by pollution and littering. So when you are done with your Easter egg hunts, look around for wrappers or bits of plastic and throw them out. This way we can fully experience the true beauty of Easter and Spring but at the same time keep the environment clean and healthy. 

Mazza, Elise3 Ways to Get Into the Easter Spirit