Cancer Awareness Month- Stfx Relay for Life

By Meher Aamir and Abeer Abrar

April is cancer awareness month in Canada, and many people are unaware of the large impact this disease has on the lives of many Canadians. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, “An estimated 2 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.” Researchers are working hard to find a cure for this disease and to finally put an end to it, which is why StFX Relay for Life is back with a goal to raise proceeds for the Canadian Cancer Society for research and treatment. Stay tuned to learn more about the fun activities and initiatives they have planned! 

When and where is Stfx Relay for life taking place?

Relay For Life begins on Thursday, May 19, 2022, between 8:20 am to 4:00 pm. It will last two periods for each grade. Grade 9s and 10s will be attending during periods 1 and 2, while grade 11s and 12s will attend periods 3 and 4. Additionally, all grades are welcome to stay after school until 4:00 pm. The event itself will be on the school track and in the dome, where many fun activities will be occurring throughout the day.

What takes place at the event?

It is a relay race with teams of generally 6-10 people, however it can also be completed individually. The goal is for one person on the team to constantly run the track while the other team members enjoy the other activities in rotation. Additionally, we will be holding fun activities in the dome as some people are outside running on the track. The activities include games like team dodgeball, tug of war, water balloon fights, and much more! We will also be offering food, and an ice cream truck for participants who want to purchase something to eat. Overall, the event will create lots of fun memories for all students!

How can you participate in Relay for life? 

Everyone can participate in Relay For Life by signing up and pledging to raise money to help fight against cancer. You can sign up through our Instagram page @Stfxrelay4life, and all you have to do is click the link in our bio and register! You can also visit our website directly at The admission fee is only $15: you can register either individually or in teams of 6-10. In addition, there will be posters around the school that contain QR codes which you can scan with your phone to access our website to register. After registration, you will have a relay account that allows access to you and your team’s fundraising page. To start fundraising, share your fundraising page with your family and friends on your social media accounts and ask them to help with donations. On the day of the race, we will give you a T-Shirt and a wristband indicating that you and your team have made a difference!

What difference will the StFX Relay for Life fundraiser make?

Our school has the power to make a difference in the lives of many across the world. The Canadian Cancer Society will donate the money we raise to help fund groundbreaking research. In past years, our school has donated over fifty-thousand dollars to help fund this cause, and we are confident that these donations make a difference. Our goal this year is to raise twenty-thousand dollars. It may seem like a lot, but this is StFX’s first open event since the lockdowns, so we are optimistic that everyone will make a huge impact and have a great time. This year we encourage all STFX students to help fundraise; we know we can achieve our goals again!

Why is it important for our student body to be educated about Cancer?

Cancer has impacted us all on some level; whether you have been diagnosed yourself, or know someone who has, it can instantly change our lives. As the next generation, we should enlighten ourselves to raise awareness and combat cancer so we do not have to continue to lose those who we love. Did you know that cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada and is responsible for 28.2% of all deaths? Additionally, as mentioned earlier, it is estimated that two in five people are expected to receive cancer at some point in their life, while about one in four people are expected to die from cancer. This is why learning about this topic is so relevant; the more we know, the more we can act on it and support organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society who dedicate their work to help cancer patients.

What is the Canadian Cancer Society?

The Canadian Cancer Society is an organization that works tirelessly to save and improve the lives of those who are dealing with cancer. Thanks to the many donations and volunteers, they can fund revolutionary cancer research into all types of cancer, offer support services to help people better manage life with cancer, as well as shape health policies to prevent cancer and support those living with the disease. Additionally, they relay trusted cancer information to Canadians across the world!

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