World Athletics Day

By Cameron Blackwood 

There’s no denying that the world of sports is extremely entertaining right now. Whether it be watching the Premier League title race, or going outside and playing road hockey. With all the excitment surrounding sports, it’s hard to not want to take part, and what better day to take part in a sport than World Athletics Day. 

World Athletics Day is on May 7 and the forecast is shaping up to be a sunny Saturday with a high of twelve degrees celsius. This day offers an action packed weekend of sports that’ll be sure to get you into the athletic spirit. Because the weather will be perfect, starting up a game of pickup basketball or 5-a-side soccer would be ideal. The Milton Sports Centre is home to many public basketball courts; you can start playing whenever you want. Just bring a ball and a refreshing beverage and you’ll be sure to have a great time shooting some hoops with a couple friends. Another sport that would be perfect to play on World Athletics Day is soccer. The best thing about soccer is that you can play it anywhere. A street, a backyard, a basement, etc, soccer can be played in just about every location, but if you want to go to a proper field, there are numerous all over Milton. Lion’s Sports Park has about 6 regular sized fields all with good grass and proper soccer nets set up. Playing a 5-a-side soccer game on these fields would be ideal if you wanted to have a great time on World Athletics Day. 

One of the best things about World Athletics Day is that you don’t need to necessarily participate in a sport, you could watch them instead. This coming Saturday has an array of different sporting events that will be on TV, all offering something for fans of some of the major North American sports. The Toronto Blue Jays look to continue their outstanding start to the MLB regular season as they take on the Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Not to mention, the New York Yankees are trying to keep a hold on first place as they take on the Texas Rangers at Yankee Stadium. Looking toward the NHL Playoffs, there is some serious heavyweight matchups in the mix. The Florida Panthers are planning to take the lead in the series against a tough Washington Capitals team and the New York Rangers look to upset the the Pittsburgh Penguins in a nail-bitting series that is bound to go to game seven. The NBA Playoffs also have a lot to offer when it comes to big matchups. The Boston Celtics play the Milwaukee Bucks in a series that is sure to have a lot of ups and downs and the Golden State Warriors take on the Memphis Grizzlies in a real head-turning series. 

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