Valedictorian Spotlight Article

Written by Ayesha Amanullah and Meher Aamir

As this academic year comes to an end, the grade 12 graduation ceremony rapidly approaches. This year, Grade 12 student Jamie Miranda was nominated to represent St.


World Environment Day

Written by Kennealy Nolan

As a way of showing gratitude and appreciation for the environment, World Environment Day was established, connecting people across the globe in an effort to nurture and save the home we call earth.


India’s COVID-19 Crisis

Written by Aliza Khan

Covid-19 has impacted every country in one way or another, however, India is experiencing the world’s worst outbreak of Covid-19 in history. India has well surpassed the 17 million case mark and diagnoses 300k+ new cases daily.


Asian Oppression

What is it?

Written by: Jenise Herrero

What is Asian Oppression?

Asian Oppression. Anti-Asian racism. Racial segregation. Xenophobia. It’s all wrong.

Asian oppression is malicious or unjust treatment towards the Asian community.


Victoria Day

Origin, Celebrations and More!

Written by Kennealy Nolan

All across Canada, people celebrate Victoria Day with their friends and family, relishing in a peaceful day off.

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