Guidance Appointments & Info

Booking Appointments with a Guidance Counsellor:

Please be advised that Student Services is closed to visitors at this time.  Students can request a phone appointment with their counsellor via the online booking system located in the D2L Student Services classroom.  Click on the box “Appointments” and then select the appropriate counsellor and request a time. We strongly encourage any student who are currently in grade 12 and who are planning to graduate this year, to book an appointment with their counsellor to discuss their educational pathway for this year and receive information on applying to university/college programs.  Updates related to Student Services will be posted on the D2L Student Services classroom and through Loyola’s twitter account. 

Students are divided among counsellors by last name:

Mrs. Luis (A – E)

Mrs. Flynn (F – J)

Mrs. Rego (K – Q)

Mrs. Carambia (R – Z)

Community Service Hours:

40 hours of community service hours are required for all students receiving an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  It is strongly recommended that students complete at least 10 hours per year in order to complete this requirement.  On the Loyola home webpage and on the D2L Student Services classroom there is information on eligible and non-eligible activities.  The activity needs to be completed with a non-profitable organization.  Please visit the sites for more information.  It is the Board’s policy that all students complete a “Preapproval Community Service Form” before a student begins any activity.  This ensures the activity supports health and safety issues as well as it supports a non-profit organization. This form can be found on the Loyola home webpage and the D2L Student Services classroom.  Please send these forms to Ms. Carambia for approval.  Not all activities are acceptable.   Virtual placements are available during this time.  Last Spring, several virtual opportunities were posted on Loyola’s social media where students were able to accumulate up to 30 hours of virtual community service hours.  Therefore, it is possible even during these difficult times of social distancing to complete community service hours.  Many non-profit organizations are looking for students to volunteer virtually.  Please continue to follow Loyola’s social media for current and future opportunities. 

D2L Student Services Classroom:

Students are encouraged to visit the D2L Student Services classroom on a regular basis for a wide variety of information:

  • Community Service hours and Preapproval forms
  • Night school and Summer school information
  • Specialist High Skills Major programs for grade 11 and 12 students
  • Graduation Requirements
  • My Blueprint
  • University/College/Post-secondary information
  • Event calendar
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • General announcements                                                     and more……
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