Student Attendance Policy

St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School actively encourages and promotes regular attendance. Educational research has consistently shown that a student’s progress and academic success are closely related to regular attendance and participation in the day to day activities of the school.
Students are expected to be in attendance at all classes in order to participate in extra-curricular activities. Failure to comply may result in a student not being allowed to participate.

Our automated phone and e-mail systems will keep parents informed of student absences.

Although trips and vacations may provide diverse learning experiences, the school does not support travel or vacations during class time. The content covered in each course is important and requires daily attendance. While parents may choose to travel during the school year, the time missed from class is recorded as an absence and counted in the total absence record for the semester. A significant number of absences may place a student’s mark and credit in jeopardy. Also, assessment and evaluation become problematic. Prior to the trip, the student should consult with his/her teachers and make notes on what will be covered in each course. Any assignments that are due while he/she is away should be completed and handed in prior to the trip to ensure they are accepted.

Student Absences

Parents and Guardians, there are 3 ways to report your child’s absence using Using the SafeArrival Student Attendance Management System

All students must always sign in and out at the Attendance Office when arriving late or leaving early even if their parents have notified the office. Students should have a dismissal slip from the Attendance Office prior to attending the class they will be dismissed early from.

All absences from school must be justified by parents or guardians.

  1. If a student becomes ill while at school, he/she must report to the Attendance Office immediately.
  2. Students who miss class, without an acceptable reason from their parent/guardian prior to the absence, will be recorded as truant.
  3. All medical certificates submitted must be date specific and must be submitted directly after the absence.
  4. Missed Examinations, Culminating Activities, Tests and Assignments:
  5. Students are responsible for all course work and assignments while absent.
    1. i) Any examination and/or culminating activity missed that is validated by a doctor’s note may be rescheduled.
    2. ii) Any examination or culminating activity missed due to vacation or truancy will not be rescheduled, and may be assigned a mark of zero (0).
    3. iii) Any test missed due to illness may require a parent note acknowledging that a test has been missed and, in addition, may require a doctor’s note to be rescheduled.
  6. All notification of absence due to vacation or family trip should be submitted in writing to the Vice Principal.
  7. Senior students with excessive truancies or unexplained absences in any course may be removed from that course.

Late Policy

1–3 Occurrences

  • Subject teacher speaks with student.
  • First 20 minutes student admitted to class.
  • After 20 minutes student NOT admitted to class and late treated as a truancy. Student reports to Attendance Office.

4 Occurrences

  • Teacher contacts home.

5 Occurrences

  • Referral to Vice-Principal with Late Record Form (tracking sheet). Student not admitted to class. Parental contact. “Late No Class”.

6 Occurrences

  • Student not admitted to class. Parental contact by Vice-Principal. Report to the Attendance Office.

7  Occurrences

  • Detention issued by Vice-Principal; student may be withdrawn from all classes for the entire day.

8+ Occurrences

  • Student may be suspended for habitual lates.

Note: Staff will exercise discretion in cases of extenuating circumstances.


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