Religious Accommodations

The Halton Catholic District School Board (the Board) believes in the dignity of all people and their equality as children of God.  The Board recognizes the importance of freedom of religion and strives to recognize, value and honour the many customs, traditions and beliefs that make up the Catholic community.  Freedom of religion is an individual right and a collective responsibility.  The Board commits to work with the community it serves to foster an inclusive learning environment that promotes acceptance and protects individuals from discrimination and harassment on the basis of their religion.  The Board will take all reasonable steps to provide religious accommodations within the legal rights afforded to the Catholic school system.

Students requesting religious accommodations within these right are asked to present verbal or written information from their parent/guardians specifying their accommodations.  The form below provides some areas for religious accommodation.

At the beginning of the school year:

  • Call your child’s school and talk to your child’s Vice Principal to let the school know about any religious or creed-based accommodations your child may need, including a list of dates of holy days or observances. or
  • Submit the attached religious accommodation form to your child’s Vice Principal
  • The school will keep a record of the conversation or submitted form to accommodate your child’s needs.

Where possible accommodation requests should be presented as the beginning of each school year to ensure that scheduling of major evaluations, such as tests, assignments or examinations, takes the religious observances into consideration.  Accommodation will be provided in accordance with the principles of dignity, individualization, and inclusion.

Form: Religious Accommodation Form

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