School Uniform Policy

A school uniform dress code reflects the distinctively Catholic character of our schools and supports the development of attitudes consistent with Catholic teaching. At St. Kateri Tekakwitha, we are committed to providing a learning environment that is safe and respectful of the needs and well-being of all individuals – we believe that a school uniform dress code supports this.

School Uniform Provider

The sole uniform provider for all HCDSB schools is currently McCarthy Uniforms.

Financial Assistance

A school uniform assistance program is in place at St. Kateri Tekakwitha to ensure that discreet and confidential financial assistance is available for families. To access this assistance, please see the School Principal. 


The HCDSB recognizes that in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and our school board’s Equity and Inclusive Education Policy and Procedure, there may be certain religious communities or cultural groups in schools that may require specific items of dress or accommodations with reference to the school uniform. Religious and cultural attire that will be reasonably accommodated in our school includes, but is not limited to: head covering items (such as durags and other head coverings that may be required to support the care and maintenance for some Black/African textured hair), long sleeves or loose garments, religious symbols and items of ceremonial dress.

All accommodation requests will be reviewed in the context of supporting the dignity of the student, and in consultation with the school administration, the student and their parents/guardians.

Annual Review

In accordance with Policy II-41, the Catholic School Council and the Principal will review the school uniform dress code annually, and approve the uniform pieces, the monitoring and enforcement of the school uniform dress code, stakeholder consultation, and approved civies days/spirit days. Our school uniform policy will next be reviewed at the October 2022 Catholic School Council Meeting.

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