Corpus Christi Catholic Food Drive!

Let us stand shoulder to shoulder to profess our faith. Let us allow God’s Word to be a living word among us. Let us, over and over again, become members of the one Body in Christ.

Dr. Anne Jamieson, Executive Director of the Institute for Catholic Education

Corpus Christi is in the midst of a fall Food Drive and we need your help!

Last week, Father Andrija visited the Burlington Food Bank help us see just where those items you donate go.

Daily, over 30 families are helped by the Food Bank–many of those families with school aged children.

Together, we become one Body in Christi and, together, we can make a difference in the lives of others in our community.

After Father Andrija’s visit to the Burlington Food Bank, we posted the video recordings and shared the trip with the school community over our daily announcements.

Please see the visit for yourself in the four Food Drive Promos below:

Father Andrija Introduces Bernie from the Food Bank
Bernie explains the needs of the Burlington Food Bank
The Food Bank seeks to maintain dignity of the clients it serves and promote hope within our community.
Mrs. Fournier speaks about the impact food insecurity has on student learning.
Brophy, PatrickCorpus Christi Catholic Food Drive!