Scholarship Applications


There are many scholarships, bursaries and awards available in Ontario.  Below are some helpful websites that may help you find a scholarship.  Some scholarships are automatically given by a particular university based on academic standing while others require an application.

The following scholarships are primarily available to high school students from Ontario, Canada, applying to first-year university.  By clicking on the link you will see them arranged by application deadline…

Scholarships by application deadline

or by monetary value…

Scholarship by monetary value

Some other helpful websites are…

  1. You can create an account and use the following website to find awards, scholarships and bursaries directly applicable to you.
  2. You can input your profile and be matched to scholarships in this database.
  3. Estimate how much money you will be eligible for through OSAP. :
  4. Use Aeroplan, CIBC or TD Points from the Travel Rewards Program to help pay for your education.
  5. Various listings of College, University and Institutional Scholarships sorted by various headings.
  6. Created by students for students.  Their goal is to help all Canadian students find external scholarships in Canada.
  7. The “do something” website has a particular emphasis on social justice and related causes, as opposed to academics.
  8. Government of Canada Student Financial Assistance homepage.
  9. Bursary for students with disabilities.

Read through the list of scholarships documented below. Please be aware that some have specific deadlines that must be adhered to.

Western University National Scholarship

This scholarship is open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have applied to Western’s main campus and have an overall 90% average in grade 12 U/M courses. To apply to this scholarship you must be nominated by Corpus Christi. Please email Mr. Papa at to be considered for nomination. Deadline for this scholarship to the University is February 14 therefore you must email Mr. Papa by February 1’st.

When emailing Mr. Papa, please submit an essay between 1000-1250 words on an issue important to you, of public concern.

Click here for more information.

Don McBain Memorial Award

The Don McBain Memorial Award, in honour of the late OAHS founder and Executive Director, is comprised of (2) $5,000 scholarships that will be distributed annually to (2) Indigenous students from Ontario pursuing their first year of post-secondary studies.

Please click here for more information.

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program

If you have been involved in a voluntary humanitarian activity then you have the opportunity to apply to the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award. The maximum value of the award is $28 000. Please click here for more information.

Cape Breton University Scholarship

Cape Breton University has announced that their entrance scholarships and bursaries are now open to newly accepted students to CBU. Students may have questions regarding the application or which types of opportunities are available to them and so they will be hosting their first 2021 Scholarship Presentation this Friday January 29, 2021 at 12:00pm AST via Zoom.

Members from the Student Finance team and the Domestic Recruitment team will be available at that time to answer questions.  Please note they will be hosting more of these presentations in February for those unable to attend due conflict in schedule.

If students are interested in attending the January 29 session, please have them RSVP to Chelsey Martell via email

Some Scholarships at Western University

Western’s National Scholarship Program supports the dreams of top students whose potential can be realized through a world-class education at one of Canada’s leading universities.

They are looking for high-potential applicants who excel in the classroom and in their extracurricular pursuits.

Some scholarships that are offered…

  • One Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship valued at $72,000;
  • One President’s Entrance Scholarship valued at $70,000;
  • Four President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $65,000 and up to 15 more at $50,000;
  • Three International President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $50,000 for international (visa) students;
  • Up to 15 Faculty Entrance Scholarships valued at $30,000;
  • Up to 39 National Scholarship Study Abroad Awards valued up to $5,000;
  • Up to 50 National Merit Awards valued at $2,000 for one year. 

More details about all the scholarship programs offered at Western can be found online at

If you have any questions, their Student Financial Services Officer Norma Merino would be pleased to help at 519-661-2111 extension 85958 or email

Megamind Founder’s Scholarship

Megamind Learning Centre, a chain of tutoring centres in the Greater Toronto Area has an opportunity for all students. During the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, Megamind Learning Centre wanted to give back to the community. So, they are awarding a one-time scholarship of $1000 to the student who writes the best short story or informational text for children in either English or French. This is open to all students who are currently in Grades 8-12.

More information.

Trevor H. Shirtliff Scholarship

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