Corpus Christi Uniform Policy

The school uniform is intended to develop a sense of pride and self-discipline. In deciding to attend Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School, students and parents make a commitment to embrace the Corpus Christi School Uniform Policy. It is important to understand why we have a School Uniform.

The school uniform encourages a sense of UNITY, PRIDE, BELONGING and SAFETY within the school. While we are proud of and celebrate the diversity of our students, we also recognize that we are united as a community that values student achievement, Catholic beliefs and values, and a strong sense of belonging.  In this way, we echo the pillars of the HCDSB Multi-Year Strategic Plan: Achieving. Believing. Belonging.

Students wearing our school uniform are easily identified as members of the Corpus Christi community and are called upon to represent the school with honour and to wear the uniform with pride.  We also recognize that a school uniform helps to keep our students safe, as strangers to the school property are readily identified as such and can be more easily addressed by school staff.

Please recognize that your free decision to become a part of the Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School community includes an acceptance to respect and commit to wearing the school uniform. Students must be in full uniform while in the school. 

The HCDSB uniform/dress code policy can be accessed here: II-41-School-Uniform-Dress-Code-School-Dress-Code.pdf (

Where to Purchase a Corpus Christi Uniform

As of February 2021, the sole uniform provider for Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School is McCarthy Uniforms. On this site you can register for an account and search for your school’s e-store. If you prefer to shop in person or by phone, this information can be found on the McCarthy Uniforms website.

Instagram: @mccarthy_uniforms

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  • Black golf shirt (short or long-sleeved) embroidered with Corpus Christi crest
  • Uniform hoodie embroidered with Corpus Christi name and crest (this does not include any school spirit wear or team wear)
  • Some students may still have white golf shirts previously provided by ISW – these remain acceptable uniform pieces for the time being, but are no longer sold by McCarthy


  • Black dress pants embroidered with Corpus Christi crest
  • Black walking shorts embroidered with Corpus Christi crest


  • Shoes must be MOSTLY black dress shoes OR MOSTLY black running shoes
  • Shoes must be closed toe and closed heel
  • No slippers, slides, crocs or flip-flops are allowed
  • Black laces are required

Physical Education Uniforms

  • Physical Education (Gym) uniforms (t-shirts and shorts) are purchased directly from the school via School Cash Online and will be distributed to students in Physical Education classes by our Physical Education staff

Additional Uniform Information

  • Used uniform items are available for purchase prior to the start of the school year during our Used Uniform Sale
  • If your family is in financial need and requires support with uniform purchase, please contact your Vice Principal

Optional items which may be purchased elsewhere

  • A plain white undershirt, t-shirt or camisole may be worn under the school golf shirt – no coloured shirts of any kind may be worn
  • A plain black/brown belt – no insignias or logos on belt or buckle

Important Notes

  • Students are to be in full uniform for the entire school day while at school, including lunch periods and while in common areas:  library, cafeteria, chapel, and hallways
  • Hats, caps, bandanas, baseball hats may not be worn inside the school building at any time
  • Religious head coverings are welcome
  • Uniform items must be worn properly (i.e. pant waistlines are to be worn at the waist, shorts not rolled up, pants not tucked into socks) and must be in good condition
  • Non-uniform items (jackets, caps, sweaters, etc.) are not to be worn in the school – these items should be removed and stored in the locker throughout the school day
  • School spirit wear and team jerseys (i.e. Longhorns wear) may be worn on designated school spirit wear days, but not as part of the regular school uniform
  • Accessories (belts worn over sweaters, scarves, dog collars, studded jewelry & heavy chains, etc.) are not to be worn with the school uniform
  • Inappropriate logos or symbols that are not in keeping with our Catholic values are not permitted (e.g. Playboy jewelry or accessories)
  • Physical education clothing must be purchased through School Cash Online and will be distributed at the beginning of the semester by our Physical Education teaching staff
  • On non-uniform days students are expected to follow the Dress Code Guidelines for Civvies Days
  • Students who incur frequent uniform infractions will face consequences as per the Progressive Discipline Policy

The school Administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any piece of clothing or the way in which the clothing is being worn.

Dress Code Guidelines for “CIVVIES DAYS”

(Non-Uniform Days, Spirit Wear Days & Events)

The following guidelines apply to all students:

  • Graphics on clothing must be respectful and supportive of the school climate and culture
  • Bottoms should cover to at least mid thigh and full-length pants should not present a tripping hazard
  • Shoes must be safe with closed toe and heel (no slides, sandals, crocs, or flip flops)
  • Accessories such as chains, studded collars or studded wristbands are not acceptable
  • Hats, caps, bandanas, baseball hats may not be worn inside the school building at any time
  • Physical Education (gym) uniforms are still required to participate in physical education classes on civvies days
  • Religious head coverings are welcome
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