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Virtual University Fair

Saturday September 25 from 12-2

Tuesday October 26 from 5-7

All Ontario universities will participate in these virtual events.
The events are free and anyone may attend – no pre-registration required.

Each event will be divided up into four 30-minute sessions,
where students can learn about the universities of their choice and ask questions.

More information.

College Events

College Mondays


Ready to explore your future with Ontario’s Colleges? 

Every week you’ll be able to meet a small group of College representatives to learn about their programs and to ask your questions in breakout rooms.

These virtual events are replacing the annual College Information Program (CIP) events that ran across the province.

Every Monday in October and November, there will be four panel groups running simultaneously on Zoom, each made up of six to seven colleges. 

Each panel group will provide:

·         A brief overview of Ontario Colleges (the college advantage, admissions)

·         Highlights from each college on the panel

·         Breakout rooms for you to ask questions to individual college representatives 

How it works:

  1. Choose a panel group

Panel 1 – Canadore, Conestoga, Fleming, Humber, Michener, Ridgetown (University of Guelph)

Register here for Panel 1

Panel 2 – Algonquin, Boreal, Mohawk, Niagara, Northern, Seneca, St Lawrence

Register here for Panel 2

Panel 3 – Cambrian, Centennial, Durham, Fanshawe, Georgian, La Cite

Register here for Panel 3

Panel 4 – Confederation, George Brown, Lambton, Loyalist, Sheridan, St. Clair

Register here for Panel 4

After you choose a panel group, you will have a dropdown menu to choose a date and time.

Canadore College

Here you will find:

  • Guided Virtual Tours
  • Pre-Recorded 2021 Presentation Video
  • Virtual Program Guide
  • Personalized Tour Booking

Last but not least, our contest!

We will be giving away a pair of Bluetooth headphones by Apple, Bose or Beats each month leading up to our grand prize draw in late April where two lucky students can win a $5000 tuition credit!

Enter here by scanning the QR code below:

We are also excited to be launching our two new honours degree programs – both with scholarship opportunities for eligible students!

Conestoga College

Here are some attachments and information for students:

  • Connect with Conestoga – Program Area Specific Presentations. 
  • Our recruitment team will also be setting up informal “Conestoga Chats” where students, educators, parents and counsellors can sign up and ask us questions (no formal presentation). 
  • Fall Open House – Virtual – November 20th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. We don’t have the schedule yet, but students can visit our events page soon to find out more details.
  • Here is a digital download link to our full-time ViewbookPlease note we are not printing any viewbooks this year. With the uncertainty of being virtual and the number of books that were recycled last year, the college will not be printing. You will also note that this book is now a viewbook and not the full time calendar. The intent is for the book to give a general overview and for counsellors and students to go to the website for more information.
  • Here is a link to the Degree brochure (it’s not being printing either).
  • You can find both of these downloads if you go to our full-time program page that lists all of our programs: You can see the two icons for the digital downloads just over to the right (above the search filters).

Loyalist College

Students can register individually for a general information session. Students are also welcome to learn more about Loyalist College by joining us for a virtual campus tour, or they can book an advising appointment to chat about their options.

University Events

Conestoga College and University Degrees

Interested in a BScN in Nursing or RPN to BScN, please check out the poster

Dalhousie University

As Dalhousie’s application opens this Friday, October 15th for Early Admissions, I wanted to reach out with some information on our Early Admissions period and other resources for you and your students.

How Early Admission works:

Our Early Admission period is from October 15, 2021, to January 31, 2022. During this time, we are able to award admissions offers based on Grade 11 final grades, understanding that your grade 12’s will not have a full 5/5 courses to be eligible for an admissions decision. Students will self-report their grade 11 final marks on their application and also indicate what courses they plan to take during their grade 12 year. We may be able to predict their grade 12 average by using their grade 11 finals and make offers to those students whose grades are competitive. Of course, students will need to have or plan to take in Grade 12 the specific courses that are required for admission to their chosen program.

It’s important to note that we are not rejecting students during this time. Students will either be accepted or pended for updated grade 12 marks as they are available throughout the remainder of the academic year. Not all programs are eligible for early admissions (e.g. Nursing and Health Science). Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.


Admissions Information:

–          Online Viewbook:

–          Admissions requirements:

–          OSSD-specific requirements:


–          Virtual Open House – November 6th. Register Here:

–          Campus Tours:

–          Future Student Events:

Other ways to Connect:

–          Sign up for email Updates:

–          Email your advisor:

Ontario Tech University

We are offering a variety of virtual and on-campus events when it is safe to do so, such as webinars, Q&As with faculty and admissions, tours, and our open houses. We’re also encouraging students to text us their questions, book a one-on-one meeting with a Recruiter, and download our mobile app.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help all our future Ridgebacks; connect with us online or send us an email to

Here’s what’s new this year:

  • Health Administration
    • Health care is a dynamic and rapidly growing sector requiring not only frontline providers, but administrators as well. This program was created to address current and emerging health-care challenges, and needs.
  • Marine Biology
    • The newest specialization within the Biological Science program; students will learn about marine ecosystems and organisms, as well as have experiential learning opportunities in the marine environment via a semester abroad at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  • Medical Laboratory Science – Northern Access Initiative
    • Reserved for applicants from northern Ontario; students will gain fundamental knowledge and skills in biological, physical, and health sciences. 
  • Medical School pathway

University of Ottawa

Q&As via text

Students will be able to text questions to a uOttawa liaison officer and get quick answers via text thanks to our new text messaging initiative.The number to use is: 1-613-209-1295

Virtual Information SessionsFrom October 4 to December 1, students will be able to join us virtually from the comfort of their couch at one of our many 45-minute virtual information sessions. It’s a great way for students to discover all the great reasons to choose uOttawa, get an overview of our programs and admissions steps, learn about our generous scholarships and get a feel for our student experience. 

Open House Save these dates! We hope to provide both virtual and in-person activities this year.October 30 and from November 15 to November 20 2022

Our 2022 Viewbooks

Wilfrid Laurier University

Due to the unpredictable environment and restrictions of COVID-19, Laurier will not be scheduling in-person visits for fall 2021. We will also not be available to attend school-specific sessions, in-person or online, at this time. 

Instead, students will have fresh opportunities to connect with current Golden Hawks virtually in meaningful (and fun!) ways. They’ll also have easy access to join our recruitment team and current Laurier students for live, virtual events. We will host these webinars on popular topics throughout each week, so students can engage at the time that best suits their schedule, and never miss out on the perspectives and answers they want most.

All of these sessions can be registered for through our brand-new events calendar. Clcik on this link to access the calendar
Virtual Laurier Experience: on-demand everything
A students’ home base for learning about life at Laurier is the Virtual Laurier Experience, where you can find lots of valuable and engaging content including:  
►  Live and on-demand virtual tours hosted by current Laurier students.
►  Live and on-demand webinars on admissions and life at Laurier
►  Helpful links to explore our university, including our brand-new 2022 viewbooks. Students can choose to download a viewbook or order a hardcopy.
►  A chance for students in grades 9-12 to sign-up for helpful emails with tips from our “Golden Hawk Guides” on everything from wellness and entrepreneurship to residence and application best practices. 
►  Information on how to register (and get the access link) for upcoming virtual events, including our fall open house sessions, and in-person campus tours (when they are available again later this fall).
►  A new opportunity for high school students to connect one-on-one, or in a group, with current Laurier students and ask all their questions about the transition to postsecondary, campus life and “why Laurier”. (Coming soon.)

University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is hosting its Fall Open House on Saturday, October 23: 

The Canadian Coast Guard College

The Coast Guard offers a number of training programs and various types of jobs with varying requirements. Therefore, young people have a lot of different profiles that are likely to be compatible with our opportunities. They also have stimulating summer jobs for students. 

You can register for a virtual presentation.

Pre-recorded virtual presentation

Lots of Apprenticeship Information at this link

What do I need to graduate? 

Grade 12 Assembly 2020 – 2021

  • Completion of 30 (new) credits (including 18 compulsory and 12 elective courses) 
  • Passing grade 75% + on the Grade 10 Literacy Test 
  • Completion of 40 hours of community service by April 30, 2021 (forms are found on our website). Your Guidance Counsellor must approve your placement prior to completing hours.  

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your guidance counsellor, please email Mrs. Grafton at 

Ontario University and Ontario College Information 

If you are interested in an Ontario College or University and would like to learn more about programs, and admission requirements, please visit the following links.  

University Information: 
College Information: 

These websites will provide you with valuable information on programs, tuition costs, scholarships, contact information, program requirements and much more.  

University and College Application DEADLINES 

Ontario University Applications
DUE:  January 15, 2021 visit

(Students who are eligible to apply will receive a PIN and a PASSWORD. Students will be notified on how PINs and Passwords will be distributed in early November).  

Ontario College Applications 

DUE: February 1, 2021 visit

(Students do not need a PIN or a Password to apply. Students create their own account and create their own password). 

Marks Uploads: 

****Marks are uploaded automatically from the Board Office to OUAC and OCAS. Only exceptions are…………marks from other Boards (other than HCDSB) or credits obtained through a private schools. 

It is the student’s responsibility to inform Student Services if they are planning on or taking a course outside of Corpus Christi.****

Important Facts about Post-Secondary Admission Requirements 

1. Universities calculate admission average using a student’s top six Grade 12 credits at the “M” or “U” level, including the programs’ required courses.  One credit must be ENG4U.  You cannot use “O” level or “C” level credits to apply to university. 

2. Colleges calculate admission average based on the program’s required courses.  This may be the average of one or more courses.  One of these credits is usually ENG4C or ENG4U (very few colleges accept ENG4E).  Some colleges do not accept Coop or Physical Education credits because they are at the open level.  Check college websites to verify program requirements. 

3. Many colleges have transfer agreements with universities.  This is helpful for students who are not eligible to apply to university directly from high school.  Visit for details. 

University Application Information and Procedures 

All Grade 12 Students planning on applying to an Ontario University next year must obtain their PINs. Student Services will notify you later as to how your PINs will be obtained. When you have your PIN, you are able to apply.

Summary of Fees 

All fees are listed in Canadian dollars. These fees are based on last year’s rates and are subject to change. 

Base Application Fee: $150 for the initial three university/program choices. 

Additional Choice Fee: $50/choice

For each university/program choice beyond the initial three (e.g., if two additional university choices are added, you must pay $100 in addition to the base application fee). 

Note: You may apply to as many Ontario universities/programs as you wish; however, you are limited to a maximum of 3 program choices at any one university (including its affiliates). Some universities may further limit the number of programs you can apply to. Also please note that you will have to rank them in order of choice. 

101 How to Apply

Step 1: Research Your University Selections 

  • Check out university publications and university websites 
  • Visit and the 101 application to browse programs online. 
  • Record your program choices and their OUAC codes. 
  • Make note of all admission requirements and program-specific deadlines. 
  • Review the 101 Application Guide. 
  • Attend the virtual fairs and tours 

Step 2: Gather Information Needed to Apply 

In October/November Student Services will inform you as to how to obtain your Application Access Code letters (PINs) that contain the information required to apply online: 

  • School Number 
  • Student Number 
  • Temporary PIN 
  • Narrow down your university program selections by talking to your parents/guardians, teachers and guidance counsellors about your interests and options. 
  • Watch the instructional video on how to apply online. 
  • Review the 101 Important Dates found on the website. 

Step 3: Apply 

  • Use the information in your Application Access Code Letter to log in to your online application. Note: The first time you log in you must change your temporary PIN to a personal password. Use your password (instead of your PIN) the next time you log in. 
  • Complete all sections of the application. 
  • Review your program selections before clicking “I Verify and Agree”. 
  • Submit your application, with payment, well before the 101 application deadline and any university program-specific deadlines. 
  • Record the OUAC Reference Number you receive and keep it in a safe place. You will require this number, along with your password, for future access to your application, and to respond to university offers of admission. 

Step 4: After Applying 

  • After one business day, log in to your online application to verify the details. Review and make any necessary changes. 
  • Ensure spam filters are set to accept email from the OUAC and the universities you applied to. Email is the primary mode of communication for the universities and the OUAC. 
  • The universities will acknowledge that they received your application. 
  • After you receive your report card, log in to verify your grades information. Notify your guidance office of any necessary corrections. 
  • Visit a university. University open houses and campus visits are great ways to experience first-hand what campus life is like and help you decide which university is the best fit for you. Most of these are virtual this year. 
  • Expect to receive either an offer of admission or a refusal from the universities you applied to by the end of May. Review the 101 Important Dates.

Ontario College Application Information and Procedure 

When to Apply? 

As long as space remains in an Ontario College program, you may apply for it. However, there are some important dates to keep in mind, especially for popular programs that fill up quickly. 

Apply to college as soon as the online application becomes available in October. Complete and pay for your application on or before February 1 in order to receive equal consideration for admission to programs beginning the following September. 

The following dates apply to programs starting in the fall of 2021. The application process at follows an annual cycle, based on the academic year (August to July). For programs beginning at other times of the year, please contact the individual colleges for more information about application processing dates. 

Early October 2020: Online Application Opens 

In early October, access to the online college application becomes available for programs beginning in the following academic year (August to July). You may create an account and begin your application

February 1, 2021: Equal Consideration Date 

Apply on or before this date in order to receive equal consideration for admission to programs starting the following fall. After this date, colleges consider applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until programs are full. 

Note that applications to Highly Competitive Programs must be received by this date in order to be considered. As these programs receive a high volume of applicants, all seats may be filled by February 1. 

Applicants are encouraged to complete their applications well before the Equal Consideration Date, as website volumes on the online application are at their highest at this time. 

Many programs continue to accept applicants after February 1. Use our Find a Program tool at any time to find programs that are still open. 

February 1, 2021: Earliest Offer Date 

This is the earliest date that colleges may begin to send offers of admission to programs for the upcoming academic year. Offers will continue to be issued until programs are filled or wait-lists are established. 

May 1, 2021: Deadline to Confirm Offers of Admission 

Applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission by this date. Log in to your account to confirm your offer

Colleges may extend offers of admission after this date. Each college will set the deadline to confirm offers made after May 1, and this deadline will be communicated to you with your offer. 

June 2021: Tuition Deposit Due at the Colleges 

The colleges require payment of a tuition deposit in June to secure your spot in your program. Each college sets its own tuition deposit amount and payment deadline. This information will be communicated to you by the college. 

OCAS – Ontario College Application Services 

Apply on or before February 1, 2021 in order to receive equal consideration for admission to programs starting the following fall. After this date, colleges consider applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until programs are full. 

If you have never applied through before, click the “Apply” link to get started. Your account allows you to 

Important Info Before You Apply 

  • The application processing fee is $95.00 (non-refundable and subject to change). 
  • An application allows you up to 5 program choices (no more than 3 at any one college). 
  • All program choices must start within the same academic year (August-July). 
  • Your username is permanent. 
  • Your password must be between 8 and 14 characters in length. 
  • Use a valid email address. 
  • DO NOT create more than one account. 
  • The application works best in certain web browsers

How to Apply 

  • Log in to your account. 
  • Fill in your personal information and educational history. 
  • Add your program choices. 
  • Pay the application processing fee and any transcript fees. 
  • Application is NOT complete until they receive payment. 
  • Log back in to verify your transcript information, or to make changes or updates to your application. 
  • Log back in after February 1 to view and confirm offers of admission

For a step-by-step tour of the secure online application, download the user guide: 

Important Dates 

  • October: Applications become available for programs starting the following fall. 
  • February 1: Equal Consideration Date – apply to highly competitive programs on or before this date. 
  • February 1: Colleges may begin sending offers of admission. 
  • May 1: Deadline to confirm offers (colleges may extend offers after this date). 
  • Mid-June: Tuition deposit payment due. 
  • See the Important Dates page for more information. 

Trades and Apprenticeship Programs 

Thinking about a skilled trade?  

A skilled trade is a career path that requires hands-on work and specialty knowledge. Skilled trades workers build and maintain infrastructure like our homes, schools, hospitals, roads, farms and parks. They keep industries running and perform many services we rely on every day, like hairstyling, food preparation or social services. 

Benefits of a career in the skilled trades include: 

  • in-demand jobs and great earning potential 
  • using cutting-edge technology 
  • being paid while you learn on-the-job 
  • many paths to advance 
  • transferable skills 

Information can be found on the following websites.

Applying to Universities (Out of Province) 

Students interested in applying to a university out of province must apply directly to the school that they are interested in.  Application forms can be found directly on the school website.  The OUAC assists the following out-of-province institutions in collecting academic data for Ontario secondary school students who have applied through the OUAC: 

  • Acadia University 
  • Bishop’s University 
  • The University of British Columbia 
  • The University of Calgary 
  • Concordia University 
  • Dalhousie University 
  • McGill University 
  • The University of New Brunswick 
  • Saint Mary’s University 
  • Simon Fraser University 
  • The University of Victoria 

Students who complete an application form for these out-of-province universities can provide authorization for a university to request their academic information from the OUAC.  To provide authorization, the applicant must include their 11-digit OUAC Reference Number on the institution’s application form.   

Note:  In all cases, the eleventh digit should be “0”.  This automated transfer of academic data greatly reduces the workload in secondary schools by eliminating the need to prepare and mail hardcopy transcripts. 

Applying to US Colleges 

Applying to study in the US?  

Since 2011, the ACT test has been the most widely taken college and university entrance exam in the United States, and is accepted by all 4-year colleges and universities in the US. Since 2010, the number of US students taking the ACT increased 17.7%, and it now enjoys 57% of the market share. See below for the year-by-year specifics. 

Why should this matter to you? 

You need to have testing options. Making decisions based on outdated data could jeopardize your future. Each test has its own unique characteristics and you can choose the one that’s best for you.  Scroll down the page for registration details on the ACT test! 

The Common Application 

You may be asked to also complete the Common Application. This application is a not-for-profit membership organization that, since its founding over 35 years ago, has been committed to providing reliable services that promote equity, access, and integrity in the college application process. They serve students, member institutions, and secondary schools by providing applications that students and school officials may submit to any of their over 500 members. Membership is open to colleges and universities that promote access by evaluating students using a holistic selection process. Parents may access the Common App site using the link below:

NCAA Rules and Regulations for Ontario Athletes 

The NCAA has strict rules for applying. The links below provide parents and students with the Eligibility Requirements to apply. 

AT and ACT Information

The SAT and SAT Subject Tests are designed to assess your academic readiness for college. These exams provide a path to opportunities, financial support, and scholarships, in a way that’s fair to all students. The SAT and SAT Subject Tests keep pace with what colleges are looking for today, measuring the skills required for success in the 21st century.  

Click the link below for more details: 

ACT Test Information

The ACT is an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned in school. The SAT is more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities. The ACT has up to 5 components: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and an optional Writing Test. 

The College Board introduced a new version of the SAT in 2005, with a mandatory writing test. ACT continues to offer its well-established test, plus an optional writing test. You take the ACT Writing Test only if required or requested by the college(s) you’re applying to. 

The SAT penalizes you for wrong answers, so guessing is discouraged. The ACT is scored based on the number of correct answers with no penalty for guessing. 

The ACT has an Interest Inventory that allows students to evaluate their interests in various career options. 


Ontario Student Assistance Program

What is OSAP? 

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a financial aid program that can help you pay for college or university. 

OSAP offers funding through: 

Grants: money you don’t have to pay back 

A Student Loan: money that you need to repay once you’re done school 

When you apply for OSAP, you will automatically be considered for both grants and loans. If you do not want to take a loan, you can decline it after your application is approved.  

What OSAP can help with? 

OSAP can help you pay for: 

  • Tuition 
  • Books, equipment and supplies 
  • Compulsory student fees charged by a school 
  • Living expenses (full-time students only) 
  • Child care (for students with children) 

How to get OSAP 

Applying to College and OSAP combined 

In partnership with the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), we are pleased to announce the launch of a new feature that simplifies the OSAP application process for our college applicants.   

Helpful Resources 

Financial Aid / Awards & Scholarships 

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