Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee is an annual voluntary fee that is used to offset costs for school initiatives, materials and activities such as, but not limited to the following:


  • Publishing
  • Cameras
  • Developing costs
  • Transportation and training costs for students
  • Printing costs
  • Camera equipment
  • Computers and scanners for film

Student Handbook/Agenda

Guest Speakers

  • (eg. – Bullying Awareness)

Clubs and Activities

  • Entry Fees
  • Equipment e.g. timers for REACH etc.
  • Transportation to events
  • Trophies and awards
  • Team uniforms

School Band/Choir

  • Instruments
  • Sheet music
  • Reeds and mouthpieces
  • Cleaning equipment


Student Theatre

  • Rights to perform
  • Printing
  • Costumes
  • Staging
  • Cosmetics
  • Props
  • Tickets
  • Front of House
  • Backstage
  • Rentals i.e. technical equipment, stage etc.
  • Food
  • Paint, Lighting equipment, etc.


  • Graduation Awards
  • Internal Awards
  • Special Awards
  • Plaques and trophies


  • Needy students (food, uniforms, equipment for sports, entry fees, yearbook, etc.)
  • Charitable organizations (Shifra House, Food Bank, United Way, etc.)


  • Christmas baskets
  • Clothing for needy families
  • Conferences for students
  • Leadership activities for students

School Council

  • funds for School Council Initiatives
  • Refreshments

Student Council

  • Cables for events
  • Microphones – portable and remote
  • Speakers
  • Extension cords

The support of parents through the Student Activity Fee makes it possible for our school to continue to provide many of the valuable initiatives, materials and activities that enhance the school experience for our students.

In accordance with Policy II-47, it is our school and Board’s commitment that every student should have an equal opportunity to benefit from the school environment, regardless of financial hardships or barriers. Families who are unable to pay school fees are encouraged to contact the School Principal.

Bartucci, AmandaStudent Activity Fee