Parent Aware: New Vape Types

Attention Parents,

Recently, Corpus Christi staff have found more types of vapes that are disguised as common school supplies or even innocuous candy products.

In particular, we are seeing vapes that look very similar to PEZ candy.

Below, is a photo of two disposable vapes that were recently found on Corpus property (the pen is provided for scale).

These new vapes are produced by a Chinese company, Shenzhen Huaxinyu Technology, and the vape is a disposable product that has a very high level of nicotine.

It is imperative that parents become well-informed about vapes and the potential health effects that vaping (and second-hand vape inhalation) can cause through prolonged exposure.

Using a vape can increase your likelihood of:

  • stroke
  • nicotine poisoning
  • lung-related respiratory difficulties
  • life-long breathing issues
  • smoking
  • addiction

Vaping is also prohibited on school grounds and that is enforced by the Smoke Free Ontario Act.  Please remind your teen that being found holding a vape in the building may subject them to a school suspension and a fine from Halton Public Health.

If you have any questions or concerns about vaping, please contact the vice principals.

Thank you,

The Admin Team

Brophy, PatrickParent Aware: New Vape Types