Ready for a Change?

If there is one thing that we all can agree upon during this time, it’s that we are always looking to improve or change our lives for the better.  Finding ourselves unprepared for the circumstances of the time in which we live, trying to adapt to new challenges it has not been easy. It was not easy for Mary and the apostles after Jesus’ Ascension either.   

On Pentecost Sunday, we look at what happened two thousand years ago, and we see that God changed many lives. God is also interested in changing us. 

How does a person change his soul? You can try to do it by becoming a better person. Unfortunately, we have seen how humanity has failed many times by trying to fix it itself.  That’s like saying that there is something wrong with my car, but I will try to fix it by becoming a better driver.  

We need someone to work on our engine, our souls. However, our souls are too complicated to fix it ourselves. We need someone to fix it for us, and that someone is the Holy Spirit.                            

We read yesterday how, on Pentecost Sunday, the Holy Spirit came directly upon the disciples. Today, He no longer comes with the loud sound of a wind, or with what looks like tongues of fire, or with the ability to speak in foreign languages. Instead, the Holy Spirit comes to us through the quiet humble prayer or meditation upon the Word of God to change our lives.  

The disciples weren’t chosen because they were good or righteous, nor was it because they had special talents or abilities. They were fishermen and day laborers, meek and lowly. Christ called the disciples because he saw something in their hearts.  As he looked on them, he knew that each one would submit to the Holy Spirit and accept the change that will impact their lives and lives of others.  

No matter how unworthy we might think we are, Jesus knows that we would submit to the Holy Spirit and reclaim our original identity as true followers of Christ.  Let us open our hearts to the change, let us open our hearts and receive the Holy Spirit.  

Fr. Andrija 

Brophy, PatrickReady for a Change?