Important Information About the Spring OSSLT Field Test


The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test measures whether students are meeting the minimum standard for literacy, across all subjects, up to the end of Grade 9.

Successful completion of the literacy test is one of the requirements to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  


EQAO will be field testing a new online version of the OSSLT from March 2021 until June 2021. The voluntary field test will be available to credit-earning students in Grades 10 and 11 and, also, Grade 12 students not graduating this June (2021).

This will allow students in Grades 10 and 11, and non-graduating Grade 12 students, an opportunity to attempt the new test format. If successful, students who complete this year’s literacy test will satisfy the graduation requirement of a successful literacy test score, which is needed before an Ontario Secondary School Diploma is granted.

Since the Ministry of Education has waived the literacy graduation requirement for all students graduating during the 2020–2021 school year, graduating students do not need to take the OSSLT field test.  

Eligible in-person students who choose to write the test will remain in their assigned cohorts and classes for testing.

In-person students will be writing the OSSLT on the following dates: 

April 26, 2021 to June 4, 2021 

Students with Special Education needs will receive more information from our Special Education Department regarding accommodations on their IEP’s, extra supports, and how these will fit into the current test model.  

Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School, in conjunction with our Literacy Team, are committed to helping our students prepare for the OSSLT.  Over the course of the school year, all teachers have been incorporating literacy skills into their regular class program. For parents who would like to help their student prepare for the OSSLT, you may visit the EQAO website at to access more information and/or the student practice test is available here

Students who are participating in the field test will be required to use a school device to access the platform. COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed including (but not limited to) cohorting, physical distancing and sanitization of shared computer equipment. As this is a voluntary field test year, EQAO will not be reporting school, board or provincial results nor will the results be used in the determination of student grades in the course. An Individual Student Report will be generated for students after the scoring of the assessment. 

The assessment date for your child will be communicated by the teacher closer to the date. Accommodations will be made for English Language Learners and for students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). 

We encourage all in-person credit earning Grade 10, 11 and non-graduating Grade 12 students to write this year’s OSSLT field test. Students in Cohort C will not be able to sit for this year’s literacy test.


Please confirm your child’s participation in this year’s OSSLT field test below. You must indicate either your child’s participation or abstention from the test.

Please note that if a parent decides for their child to opt-out of this year’s assessment, a test will not be generated for your child by EQAO. It may not be possible to attain a test if you change your mind and wish to write the test closer to its administration.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karen Boelhouwer – Vice Principal at or 905-331-5591

We thank you for your support as we work together to provide an opportunity for students to try this new online format and become familiar with the EQAO assessment platform.  

Thank you,

Corpus Admin Team

Brophy, PatrickImportant Information About the Spring OSSLT Field Test