Coyote Sighting

Corpus Christi, like other schools in the Halton region, is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful parkland and forested areas. We share our environment with a variety of wildlife, including coyotes. While coyotes are generally very shy around humans and infrequently seen, a coyote has been observed on our school property at approximately 8:45 A.M., today, Wednesday October 13th, 2021.  The coyote was seen underneath the hydro wires at the front entrance of the school. The coyote made no contact with students or staff. Within a minute, the coyote left our property and at no time were any staff or students threatened by the animal. 

Recognizing that our school is surrounded by parkland and forested areas, and interactions with coyotes are possible, please note the best practices listed below:

  • Do not feed coyotes–feeding coyotes teaches them to be dependent on human handouts and can cause these animals to become too familiar with humans;
  • Ensure garbage and food waste is properly discarded and not left behind. Since many students are eating their lunches outdoors at Corpus, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the property clear of litter that could attract wildlife;
  • Never approach a coyote, its den or pups;
  • If you are confronted by a coyote,
    • Yell loudly,
    • Wave your arms and make yourself look as big as possible,
    • Remove yourself from the area as safely as possible.
  • If you see an aggressive, sick or injured coyote, call 905-335-3030.

For additional information on coyotes, please visit the City’s website at:

Should you have any questions regarding safety at Corpus Christi, please do not hesitate to contact the Main Office.

Thank You,

The Corpus Christi Admin Team

Brophy, PatrickCoyote Sighting