Uniform Policy for StFX

Our school uniform promotes a safe and positive learning environment, that reflects the distinctively Catholic teachings in our schools. As of January 2017, the sole uniform provider for Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School is McCarthy Uniforms  www.mccarthyuniforms/ca/shop .

There are several locations for McCarthy Uniforms, however, each location offers a different supply of uniform items, catering to a specific group of schools in our district. To purchase uniform items for Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School, please contact McCarthy Uniforms at:416-593-6900 or 1-800-668-8261.  Address 1160 Steeles Ave. E Unit #3.

The compulsory school uniform is intended to develop a sense of pride and self-discipline in our students and in our school.  In making the decision to attend Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School, students have made a commitment to comply with the school uniform policy from the beginning of period 1 to the end of period 4 each school day.

It is the student’s responsibility to wear the uniform properly. A student who is not in proper uniform will not be admitted to class without the Principal or Vice-Principal’s authorization. The Principal and Vice-Principal(s) have been authorized to send home, as appropriate, any student who is not in uniform.

Students in frequent contravention of the uniform policy will meet the following consequences:

  • Verbal warning
  • Parent/Guardian contacted
  • Detention(s)
  • Withdrawal of non-uniform day privileges
  • Suspension


  • McCarthy black dress pants, hemmed, embroidered crest  (note:  McCarthy only) *pants are not allowed to be tucked into socks
  • McCarthy golf shirt, embroidered crest, no shirt extensions (girls) T-shirts must not be longer than uniform shirt/blouse
  • McCarthy black sweatshirt with zipper, embroidered crest (worn over StFX collared shirt)
  • McCarthy black walking shorts, hemmed, embroidered crest, worn with socks
  • Solid black shoes (no white or coloured piping) with a proper sole

Only McCarthy black dress pants will be permitted.  We caution parents and students NOT to substitute a black pant from other retailers.

Parents and students should note that students who need to wear non-regulation footwear will be required to produce a medical note informing the school of the time period required for this uniform exemption.

All students are to be in full and complete uniform from their time of arrival to the end of period 4, lunch periods included.  Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed to attend classes without the permission of the Principal or Vice-Principal(s).

Hats, caps, bandanas, hoods, sunglasses or any other head gear are not to be worn in the school at any time, nor can they be visible.  Hats are to be left in lockers.  Also, they and any other non-uniform items are not to be brought to any class.  These items are subject to confiscation if worn in the building or if brought to class. These will be returned to the student at the discretion of the Vice-Principal.

Hats, sandals, winter boots and/or court shoes are not part of the school uniform and therefore are not to be worn inside the school building.

Students may wear a plain white short sleeve t-shirt under the uniform shirt or blouse; or, they may wear the turtle neck under the shirt, blouse, or sweater.  Plain white means no writing, no logos, no diagrams.  No long sleeve shirts underneath short sleeve uniform shirts/blouses.

On civies/spirit days students are to be dressed appropriately – no bare midriffs, no halter tops, no torn or ripped clothing, and no inappropriate logos or sayings.


De Franco, RobUniform Policy for StFX