Clubs; Activities

Below is a list of the current clubs that have been established at St. FX.

For a more in depth look into each club, please click here to visit our Extra-Curriculars website.

  • Art Club  (Tuesdays after school in room 112 – except 1st Tuesday of the month) – Ms. DeIuliius, Ms. Petrusa, Ms. Chliszczyk, Ms. Smolinski
  • Band – Ms Caruana
  • Best Buddies – Ms. Daly
  • Board Game Club – Mr. Leone
  • Chess Club
  • Choir – Ms. Caruana
  • Computer Programming Help
  • Co-op Programs – Ms. Johnston
  • Debate Club – Ms. Campanelli
  • DECA (Business Club) Monday & Wednesday after school in room 201, Ms. Sabo Mann
  • ECOO Programming Club (Tuesday & Thursdays after school in room 313) – Ms. Grightmire, Mr. Peters
  • EnviroKnights (eco club) Thursdays after school
  • “The Guild” (Wednesdays after school in room 207) Mr. Livingston
  • Team Unbreakable running group (Mondays & Wednesdays after school: meet in room 211 before run) – Ms. Houlios
  • French Club – Ms. Commisso
  • Halton Skills – Tech
  • Jr. Mock Trial – Ms. Campanelli & Mr. Livingston
  •  Historical Knights – Ms. Lepore, Mr. Fuciarelli
  •  Knights for Life – Mr. Dunn, Ms. Amato
  • St. FX Reps – Ms. Gonsalves, Ms. Commisso
  • Knights for Justice (MetoWe, Devel. & Peace) – Ms. Tassone
  • Legions of Geek – Ms. Smith
  • Mentorship – Ms. DiGiuseppe, Ms. DeIuliis,
  • Model UN/Debate Team – Ms. Campanelli & Ms. Evans
  • Newspaper – Xavier Times – Ms. Tassone, Ms. Thomson, Ms. Mazza
  • SAA (Student Athletic Association) – Mrs. Johnston & Mrs. Lucas
  • School Reach Team –  Mrs. Fleming, Mr. Fuciarelli, & Mrs. Tshirhart, Ms. Amato
  • Social Justice – Ms. Tassone, Ms. Amato
  • SOMA team
  • STEAM Club – Mr. Kovacs
  • Students of Service – Mr. Dunn, Monique Lucas
  • Stage Crew – Mr. Kovacs
  • St. FX Legion of Geeks – Mrs. Smith, Ms. Evans, Mr. Livingston
  • St. FX Theater Knights – Mrs. Smith
  • Weight Training – Mr. D’Souza
  • Year End Video – Mr. Kovacs
  • Yoga – Ms. Miller
  • ELL Help – room 212
  • Math Help every Monday in room 304, 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm
  • Science Help

Interested in being on the DECA team in 2019/2020?

DECA is a business club where you will be trained to develop and present business plans in a highly competitive business environment. You will gain the experience and confidence to become a future leader!  Yes it is hard work, but you will also get to meet like-minded friends and have fun along the way.

We meet every Monday and Wednesday after school in room 201.

DECA’s Mission:To be the leading, innovative extra-curricular program for secondary school students in Ontario by creating professional partnerships and experiential learning opportunities that allow students to develop confidence, employable skills and demonstrate leadership.

DECA Members compete at Regionals, Provincials, and Internationals in a business case study competition, for awards and scholarships. Employers, universities, and colleges alike recognize the achievements of DECA members.

Key Dates: Sign-up Information Meeting May 29, 2019.

Registration deadline for the 2019/2020 DECA team will be Friday, June 14, 2019.

DECA Regional Team at Brock University for Regional Competition

St. FX DECA team site

For more information and for online registration/payment please go to DECA website:

Check out some of the  DECA alumni on their site to see how DECA played a part in the path of these business people. DECA alumni


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