Vacation & Extended Absence Reporting

Vacation & Extended Absence Notification Process (4+ Days)

Although absences occur for students, families are encouraged to prioritize daily school attendance and avoid extended absences and/or vacations that impact school attendance.

Parents/Guardians have an obligation to ensure their compulsory school-aged children attend every school day from the first school day in September until the last school day of June.

Please Note:

  • Protracted absences are only approved by the school administration for compassionate and medical reasons.
  • Missed Culminating and Exam Periods are only accommodated through documented approval from the school administration.
  • Vacations are not a legitimate reason for missing a culminating or exam assessment — absences during major assessment periods will have academic consequence

Semester One: Academic Calendar

For your records, the Academic Calendar for Semester One, 2022-2023, school year is:

Jane Acheson – Acting Chief Social Worker

Regular school attendance is the number one factor that impacts school achievement. HCDSB’s Acting Chief Social Worker, Jane Acheson, has provided a letter stressing the importance and obligation of consistent school attendance:

Parents/Guardians/18+ Students:

If an extended absence or a vacation will impact regular school attendance, please complete the linked form to communicate the absence to the school administration and your child’s teachers. If you have multiple children that will be missing instructional time, this form must be submitted for each child.

Brophy, PatrickVacation & Extended Absence Reporting