Measures in Place to Address Vaping or Possession of Vaping Materials at School

According to Halton Region Public Health and Health Canada, vaping poses serious health concerns for young people.

What is Vaping?

Vapourizers are battery-operated devices that change a liquid chemical into a vapour that is inhaled. The act of using a vapourizer is called ‘vaping’.

The Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2017 restricts youth under 19 from vaping or purchasing vaping products.

Measures in Place to Address Vaping or Possession of Vaping Materials at School

  • Vaping is strictly prohibited on school property and public areas within 20 metres of any point on the perimeter of school grounds.
  • Vaping materials and paraphernalia are not to be possessed by students under 19 on school property, or during school trips/events.
  • Students under the age of 19 who are found to be in possession of vaping materials/paraphernalia including but not limited to vapes and/or vaping juice, will have them confiscated by school officials.
  • If vaping materials/paraphernalia are confiscated, they will not be returned to any students under the age of 19.
  • School administrators will apply the principles of progressive discipline, while considering mitigating factors, when students are found to be in possession of vaping materials/ paraphernalia, up to and including suspension.
  • When students are caught in the act of vaping on school property, suspension must be considered.
  • As with any situation, schools will conduct a thorough investigation of each occurrence before applying progressive discipline.
  • Students who continue to re-offend will experience further progressive discipline and may be subject to a ticketed offense and/or fine through Halton Region By-Law enforcement.

The safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority, and as a school board, we will continue to work with students, parents, staff and members of our community to promote and sustain safe and healthy learning environments in our schools.

Additional Information & Resources for Parents

The following policies and resources provide additional information about vaping, and tips for engaging youth in the conversation about vaping:

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