Code of Conduct

The Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) is committed to supporting schools in building and sustaining a positive school climate that is safe, inclusive, and accepting for all students in order to support their education so that all students reach their full potential. A progressive discipline approach combines prevention and intervention strategies and discipline with opportunities for students to continue their education. We ask that you please carefully read and review the most recent revision of Policy II-39 Progressive Discipline and Safety in Schools – Code of Conduct – Suspensions and Expulsions, as well as Administrative Procedure VI-44 Progressive Discipline and Safety in Schools. The HCDSB Code of Conduct and Standards of Behaviour sets clear expectations for individual schools to follow consistent with the requirements outlined in the Ontario Code of Conduct.

The HCDSB Code of Conduct and Standards of Behaviour applies not only to students, but to everyone involved in the school community, including parents, volunteers, teachers, early childhood educators and other staff members. The Code applies whether on school property, on school buses, at school-related events or activities, before and/or after school programs or in other circumstances that could have an impact on the school climate.

Personal Electronic Devices Policy

Cell phones, pagers, video/camera phones and recording devices (such as I-pods, MP3 players and the like) must be silenced and securely stored out of sight by all students, user/owner, when setting foot on school property.

  • Cell phones and other personal digital devices are not permitted in any scheduled class and are to be stored in silent mode in secured lockers. They are not to be used in class even to check the time.
  • All confiscated cell phones, pagers, video/camera phones will only be returned by Administration to parents or guardians- not students.
  • Students who have had their cell phones or digital devices confiscated more than once will be issued consequences up to and including suspension as deemed appropriate by the Administration of Bishop Reding.
  • Students found to be using a cell phone during tests/exams may receive a mark of zero.
  • Students are requested to use the pay phones located in the school for personal calls. The use of cell phones and other digital devices interferes with the efficient operation of the school. You are asked to leave these at home.
  • If your son or daughter’s cell phone has been confiscated, please contact the school to make arrangements to pick it up.
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