About Our School

Our School Mission Statement

Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School strives to foster the growth of faith-centred, productive, and compassionate citizens of the world.

Our Governing Values

  • Recognize the inherent dignity of all people as children of God
  • Promote the development of the whole person, mind, body and spirit
  • Inspire the pride that comes from hard work and genuine achievement of academic and personal goals.
  • Foster an understanding of Gospel values
  • Live by faith inside and outside the community
  • Believe in each student’s potential to graduate as thoughtful, discerning, contributing members of society
  • Value diversity as an enriching aspect of community
  • Encourage partnership with home, church, and community to achieve these goals

Our Mascot: The Lion

The Meaning of the Lion as a Catholic Christian Symbol. The lion is a symbol of Christ, the Lion of Judah. The Lion Christian Symbol represents alertness and watchfulness. The lion is connected to God in that as a lion sleeps with its eyes open, so too does God who never sleeps as He watches over his children. The Lion of St. Mark: The lion is symbolic of Saint Mark.

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