“School chaplaincy is a pastoral role carried out in an educational setting in a collaborative and cooperative manner in order to promote the spiritual and human development of the members of the Catholic school community.”

– Ontario Bishops, Pastoral Letter on Catholic Secondary School Chaplaincy, OCCB, March 2009

It is understood to be an essential ministry to the whole Catholic school community, students and staff. This ministry is collaborative and encourages the gifts of others; it is pastoral and spiritual, involving liturgy and prayer, teaching, counselling and witness.

Chaplains are professionals who have undergone theological education and formation to prepare themselves for this role. Chaplains understand that they share in the Church’s ministry to its members and are guided by the Church’s teaching and practical advice; they foster a sense of collegiality with all the Church’s ministers; and, they understand their specific ministry in the broader context of the life of the Diocese.

Brian Dunn is our school Chaplain.
Phone: 905-335-1544 x 1008

The Chaplaincy team at Notre Dame consists of:

  • School Chaplain
  • Local pastors
  • Several Notre Dame staff
  • Notre Dame students who express an interest in assisting with school Liturgies, Retreats, Social Justice and other programmes.

The Chaplaincy Leader offers a professional service of pastoral support and care for the school community and is a visible sign of the school’s commitment to the spiritual and religious needs of students and staff. This ministry includes the following services:

Pastoral Care

The Chaplaincy Leader ministers to students and staff who may be experiencing personal crisis, hospitalization, and bereavement. Together with other staff, the chaplain coordinates a Pastoral Team that plans and implements programs and events for the school or local community.

Liturgical Coordination

The Chaplaincy leader coordinates school Masses and prayer services. Notre Dame is fortunate to have a lovely chapel. The Blessed Sacrament is reserved within the chapel throughout the school year.

Spiritual Development

The Chaplaincy leader organizes classroom visits, offers retreats for staff and students, and coordinates special events and speakers throughout the year, all of which nurture the spiritual life of the school community. Important issues, such as chastity, pro-life, the Third World, self-esteem, etc. are addressed in the school in a variety of ways. Opportunities for reconciliation and spiritual counseling are regularly available to students and staff. The school’s pastoral ministry strives to be sensitive to those of other Christian denominations and religions.

Community Outreach

The Chaplaincy leader is one of the staff advisors for the Social Justice Committee. This committee involves students in volunteer activities such as: Thanksgiving Food Drive, fundraising efforts during Advent and Lent, an annual 25-hour ThinkFast; and much more. As well, the chaplain attends meetings at the deanery and regular meetings with the other chaplains from the Halton Catholic Board, creating a collegial and collaborative approach to high school ministry.

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