Uniform Policy

The school uniform is intended to develop a sense of pride and self-discipline. In deciding to attend Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, students and parents make a commitment to embrace the School Uniform Policy. It is important to understand why we have a School Uniform.

The concept of a School Uniform is a part of the history of Catholic Education in Ontario. Students in Catholic Schools would adorn their Uniform with pride wearing kilts, shirts, ties, jackets and shined dress shoes. This helped to emphasize the importance and value of Education as the formation of our young generation.

The School Uniform encourages a sense of Unity within the school. While we are proud of the diversity of the students in our community, recognizing that as children of God they each bring a unique and special gift, we are united as a community who values the gift of life and recognize that we have a corporate responsibility to service.

The School Uniform represents our Unique Identity as Notre Dame. The blue of our uniform reminds us that we are under the watchful eyes and intercession of Our Lady. Our beautiful chapel, the various images of Our Lady throughout the school remind us that Mary the mother of God loves us and continues to be a model for happiness and service. The Green of our uniform reminds us of our Irish roots and the liturgical colour of ordinary time directing us in hope to the newness of springtime growth. Our students represent New Life and hope for the world. The gold represents royalty which reminds us we are people of the Heavenly Kingdom.

The School Uniform also reminds us that we Belong. Notre Dame is a community that embraces all. It is a sign to the larger community and ultimately to the world that we belong to each other and share in the value that all people have been created in the image and likeness of God.

Please recognize that your free decision to become a part of the Notre Dame community is an acceptance to respect and commit to wearing the School Uniform. Students must be in full uniform while in the school. 


All uniform items are to be purchased from our supplier McCarthy either online, by phone order or in person at their Oakville store (McCarthy – Oakville, 202 Oak Walk Drive Unit K1-1) for the following:


  • Golf shirt – short or long sleeve – navy or green
  • Striped rugby shirt
  • Hoodie (The Hoodie is permitted in the school and classrooms.)


  • Dress pants – navy
  • Walking shorts – navy

Shoes must be solid black dress shoes OR solid black running shoes. No slippers, slides or flip-flops are allowed. All laces must be plain black. 

  • Gym uniforms (t-shirts and shorts) are purchased directly from the school
  • Used uniform items are available at the school’s New 2 U store

Optional items which may be purchased elsewhere

  • A plain white undershirt, t-shirt or camisole may be worn under the school golf shirt – no coloured shirts of any kind may be worn
  • A plain white turtleneck may be worn under the golf shirt
  • A plain black/brown belt – no insignias or logos

Important Notes

  • Students are to be in full uniform for the entire school day while at school, including lunch periods.
  • All school tops and walking shorts are embroidered with the ND logo.
  • Hosiery/socks MUST be worn with the uniform.
  • Hats, caps, baseball hats are not to be worn inside the school building at any time. Students are advised to remove these items upon entering the building.
  • Uniform items must be worn properly (i.e. pant waistlines are to be worn at the waist) and must be in good condition. Ripped, torn or unhemmed items are not permitted.
  • Non-uniform items (jackets, caps, sweaters, etc.) are not to be worn in the school.
  • Accessories (belts worn over sweaters, scarves, dog collars, studded jewelry & heavy chains, etc) are not to be worn with the school uniform. Inappropriate logos or symbols that are not in keeping with our Catholic values are not permitted (e.g.. Playboy jewelry or accessories) The school Administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any accessory.
  • The overall appearance of the uniform must be neat and consistent with the model presented above.
  • Physical education clothing should provide for comfortable, modest and safe movement during activities. Students who wear clothing which is either too baggy or too tight will not be permitted to participate in class.
  • On non-uniform (civvies) days and other school events, students are expected to follow the Civvies Day Guidelines for the specific day
  • Students are expected to be in full uniform in class. Students who incur frequent infractions will face consequences which may include: no civvies privileges, detention and in extreme cases suspension.
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