Graduation Information

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of 30 (new) credits (including 18 compulsory) see chart below for specific details
  • Passing grade on the Grade 10 Literacy Test 
  • Completion of 40 hours of community service by May 1, 2021         ** see ministry update below

** For the 2020-21 school year, the ministry is revising the 40 hour community involvement graduation requirement so that students will not be adversely impacted by the ongoing challenges related to COVID-19.  For students graduating in the 2020-21 school year, the community involvement graduation requirement will be reduced to a minimum of 20 hours of community involvement activities.

All potential graduates should schedule an appointment with their guidance counsellor for the EXIT PLAN MEETING.

Ontario Scholars – students obtaining an average of 80% or greater in a minimum of six grade 12 courses are eligible to receive Ontario Scholar designation on their transcripts.

Download the Graduation Requirements PDF


Senior Newsletter 2020-2021 newsletter marketing

This newsletter outlines dates and information related to university, college and apprenticeship visits. Click on the link below for this information and more. Notre Dame Grade 12 Newsletter

Upcoming University and College Presentations  

The following schools will be providing Virtual Presentations. If interested in attending one of these, please visit the Student Services D2L classroom and find the link to join. This list will be updated regularly as more information is shared.

Do you have questions about Mohawk College?

Samantha Walker, our Mohawk College Liaison, is available to meet and provide additional advice about applying to Mohawk College and other College programs. Samantha will be able to meet in MS Teams  every other Friday between 10am and 1pm (see dates below) to answer your questions. If you would like to reach out for additional advice and book an appointment please email Samantha at:

                                              Available dates:

March 5, March 26, April 9, April 22, May 7, May 21, June 3, June 18

Grade 12 – Grad Photos Grad 2018 Timeline - R.F. Staples Secondary School

A reminder that Graduation Photo sittings will not be held at Notre Dame this year.  As an alternate, please feel free to book your child’s graduation photos directly with our school photographer, Edge Imaging: Online Bookings are found here:  Edge Imaging Pop Up Studios. Please book your appointment early to avoid disappointment as sittings are limited.
Their Burlington location is located at 940 Gateway Drive.
Graduation Photo Packages can be ordered directly through Edge Imaging. 
Should you have any questions, please contact Edge Imaging directly at 905-465-5235

Grade 12 – Grad Gowns

Although we are unable to confirm specific plans at this time for the 2021 Graduation activities, we are excited to announce that Graduation Gowns will be available for purchase starting this week!

Please visit to purchase your son/daughter’s graduation cap and gown directly from our supplier, Jacor Marketing. Gowns will be available for purchase until February 28, 2021. Please note that graduation gowns will not be available for purchase after this time. Gowns will be delivered to Notre Dame by the first week in June and will be distributed to students shortly after.

Attention Graduates – Grad Babies and Grad Quote Information

The Yearbook would like to feature as many grade 12’s as possible in the 2020 yearbook.   This is your last chance to submit a grad baby photo & message or grad quote.
Grad babies and grad quote
All submissions must be in by TBA


Graduation Meeting #2 – Covid 19 versionWebsite Changes, Maintenance and Updates

Please view the following presentation for updates on yearbook, midterm reports, scholarship opportunities, college/university and much more. 

Graduation Meeting #2 (powerpoint version)

Graduation Meeting #2 (PDF version)

Graduation Dates for 2021 (TBA)

Please see important information on upcoming graduation related events and dates.

2021 Important Grad Dates

Exit SurveyAudubon Residents Asked To Complete Survey As Part Of Region XII ...

The Grade 12 Exit Survey is now open in myBlueprint.  Students are now encouraged to complete this brief survey providing us with valuable educational feedback.

Graduation Photos (appointment information) TBA

Students received information cards (handed out in period #1 classes) on how to schedule a sitting time for their 2020-2021 Graduation Photos.  Students with first period spares or taking an online course should pick up their information card in student services.

Grad photos will take place TBD.  Students are asked to book their appointment through Edge Imaging at Please use the information on your appointment cards to complete this process.


Deadline to apply to University for the 2021/2022 school year is TBD. Deadline to apply to College for equal consideration is TBD.
See your guidance counsellor should you require assistance.

How to get OSAP

Apply for money that can help you pay for a college or university education.  Click below for more information on the application process for OSAP.

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