Summer School and Night School

Summer School Registration 2020 (now open)

All courses offered this summer will be virtual (online).  Visit the Thomas Merton link for course listings and more information.  Once you have gained access to your myblueprint account make sure that you change your username to your current email (as this is the email that Thomas Merton will use to communicate).  The steps to registering for a course in myblueprint are shown below.

1) On the left hand navigation menu, click on the continuing education button.

2) Explore Courses

3) Find the course that you would like to take in Summer School E-learning.

4) Click the course name to view details about the course, including the course description and missing prerequisites (if any).

5) Once you have found the course that you would like to take in summer school click on Submit Course.

6) You will then be approved by your Guidance Counselor for this course.

NO sign off sheets are required.

Thomas Merton Adult & Continuing Education

The Thomas Merton Centre for Continuing Education serves more than 11,000 residents of Halton Region in a diverse array of programs:

  • Night School
  • Summer School
  • Adult Day School
  • International Education
  • Independent Learning Courses, and e-Learning

Visit Thomas Merton Adult & Continuing Education for details!

De Franco, RobSummer School and Night School