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The Scholarship Report – search hundreds of province-wide and country-wide scholarships. The report is exclusively available to our students in PDF form and will be sent every second month to their school emails. Please see your counsellor if you did not receive an email copy.

Students should continue to check this website, and to visit student services for updates.  Entrance scholarships are based on academic achievement and are given out automatically upon program entrance for most universities and colleges.

Scholarships/Awards – are generally based on grades, community involvement/services, leadership, innovation, or athletics

Bursaries/Grants – are generally based on financial need

Remember to:

Research other scholarships offered by the university or college that you are applying to. Check out Ontario Universities’ Info for other opportunities.  Ask your parent/guardian if their employment offers any awards, scholarships, or bursaries.

Other websites that you can use to help you in your search:


2020 Schulich Leader – Are you are Schulich leader? Are you graduating high school this year, entering a STEM program at one of the Schulich partner universities (not medical practitioner). Do you meet at least 2 of the following criteria: financial need, excellence in academics, excellent leadership skills? If so, submit your resume to Student Services by Friday, December 20th 2019. Also, speak to one of your STEM teachers to get a teacher nomination. Notre Dame can select one nominee. Visit for details.

This is a prestigious entrance scholarship awarded to high school graduates enrolling in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) programs in one of 20 Canadian partner universities.

50 scholarships awarded annually

25 at $100 000 for engineering

25 at $80 000 for science and mathematics

Student eligibility requirements

  • Must be a high school student graduating in the 2019/2020 academic year
  • Be a Canadian or permanent resident
  • Be entrepreneurial-minded and plan to enroll in an eligible STEM program at one of their partner universities
  • Meet at least two of the following criteria
    1. Academic excellence
    2. Leadership (entrepreneurial or community)
    3. Financial need
  • Not planning a career as a medical practitioner or researcher (doctor, nurse, dentist, psychologist, pharmacist, optometrist, etc.

This is limited to one student.

To apply, submit to student services by December 20, 2019 and include…

  • University you wish to attend
  • Top three achievements (academic or other) – 50 words maximum per achievement
  • Essay demonstrating why you should win – 600 words maximum
  • Optional essay to outline extenuating circumstances – 250 words maximum
  • Short answer to identify where you see yourself in 10 years – 50 words maximum
  • Two single-page letters of reference that include email and telephone contact information for verification

Loran Awards – well rounded students who demonstrate character, leadership and community service. Must present a minimum average of 85%. If you are seeking school sponsorship for this award, please submit a resume to Student Services by TBD. Loran scholars must pursue their undergraduate degrees at one of the approved universities.

2020 Self Nominating Graduation Awards (will be updated in the Spring of 2020)

2020 Self Nominating Graduation Awards – In second semester, students will be able to nominate themselves for the following awards: Education Award, Frederick Ozanam Award, Health Science/Social Service Award, Notre Dame Christian English Award, Notre Dame Science Award, Notre Dame Physical Education Award, Notre Dame Spirit Award, and The Post Notre Dame Student Award.   Please ensure that your resume is completed in myblueprint in order for you to be considered for these awards. The due date for these awards is TBD.  For more details and a list of the descriptions for each award see the link.  2020 Self Nominating Graduation Award Consideration Form

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