Learning Resources Released by Ministry of Education

On Friday, March 20th, the Ministry of Education released the first phase of the Learn at Home resources to support student learning during this school closure due to COVID-19. They are designed as supplementary resources to help students practice math and literacy skills during the upcoming two-week school closure period.  

The Learn at Home resources are available at: https://www.ontario.ca/page/learn-at-home. On this page, you will find links to separate resources for elementary and secondary students, as well as a number of resources posted for parents to help guide the at-home learning with your children.

Frequently Asked Questions
Families are invited to check out the FAQ on our Board website, which includes this new information around the Learn at Home resources.

Helpful Resources for Parents
Resources have been posted online to help families during this time of uncertainty:

For more information and latest updates, visit the Board’s website:  bit.ly/COVID-19Updates-HCDSB  

Bartucci, AmandaLearning Resources Released by Ministry of Education