Complete the COVID-19 School Screening Tool Daily

All students and families are reminded to monitor closely for COVID-19 symptoms and to complete the COVID-19 School Screening Tool before your child attends in-person instruction each day.

Follow the instructions in the online screening tool and please note that:

  • All students attending school each day are required to show proof of the school screening results at school. 
  • If your child did not complete or pass the school screening tool, your child may not attend school in-person. It is important that you and your family follow the instructions provided in the online tool very closely.     
  • A student that arrives at school and does not have proof of successfully passing the COVID-19 School Screening Tool will not be able to attend class in-person. If this is the case, parents and guardians will be contacted directly from their school as a follow up.

The Importance of Completing the COVID-19 School Screening Tool 

Working together, all students and staff (attending school in-person) who complete the daily confirmation of screening will help keep our school community healthy and safe! 

  • Completing the daily confirmation of screening helps to minimize disruptions during the school day for your child’s learning. 
  • Parents/guardians and students who do not complete the daily confirmation of screening for in-person learners will be contacted by our school and students will be removed from the classroom. 

The health and well-being of our students, staff and families is our highest priority, and we appreciate your support as we follow public health guidance and remain vigilant to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. 

Thank you for completing the daily school screening tool and following the instructions carefully to keep our school community healthy for all! 

Gligoric, JulianaComplete the COVID-19 School Screening Tool Daily