Attendance Policy

For information on how to report a student absence, click here.

Regular and punctual attendance for all classes and scheduled activities (Masses, Assemblies, etc.) is compulsory and critical for the student’s learning and achievement of course expectations.  If a student must attend an appointment during school time, he or she must report to the Attendance office to sign out. Students must report to the Attendance office to sign in when they return to school from their appointment.

Students are responsible for all course work and assignments while absent. A doctor’s note is required when missing an examination or culminating tasks due to illness.

Students who miss one or more classes during the school day will not be allowed to participate in any co-curricular activity at the end of that school day without the permission of the school administration.

Occurrence  Action
1 to 5 Absences Call home by the automated attendance system
Teacher discusses absence with student
Teacher will contact home at 5 absences
6-10 Absences Teacher will contact home
Teacher discusses effect of absences on performance
Teacher refers student to a vice principal and further action will be taken
15-20 absences Attendance Officer will be notified


Occurrence  Action
1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Truancies Teacher/ Vice Principal discusses truancy with the student
Parent/Guardian will be informed
Student must have a note from the vice principal before returning to class
Detentions will be assigned
Further Truancies The student may be suspended
The credit may be deferred
Notwithstanding the above, the school administration will take any action deemed necessary in support of the school code of conduct

Trips and Vacations

Although trips and vacations may provide diverse learning experiences, the school does not support, academically, travel or vacations during class time.  The content covered in each course is important and requires daily attendance.  While parents may choose to travel during the school year, the time missed from class is recorded as an absence and counted in the total absence record for the semester.  A significant number of absences place a student’s mark in jeopardy due to the loss of instructional time and assessment and evaluation becomes problematic.

All notification of absence due to vacation or family trip must be submitted in writing to the Principal or Vice-Principal.  Prior to the trip, the student must consult with his/her teachers to determine what work needs to be done to keep up to date.  Any assignments that are due while he/she is away should be completed and handed in prior to the trip.

Early Dismissal

If a student must leave school during the day it must be reported through one of the attendance reporting options listed above.  Students should continue to sign out in the attendance office, a dismissal slip will be given for the appropriate time and the student must present this slip to the subject teacher at the beginning of his/her last class. When a student returns to the school, he or she must report to the attendance office to sign in.

Illness During Class Time

If you become ill during class, ask permission of your subject teacher to leave the room. You must report to the Attendance Office immediately and the secretary will arrange for you to phone your parents, go to the sick room or go home. School personnel are not authorized to dispense medication.


If you arrive to school after period one has started, due to an early morning appointment, and it is after 8:00 a.m., you must come to the Attendance Office in order to receive an admit slip.

If you are late between classes, you are to go directly to the class and your teacher will deal with the matter. From 1 – 4 lates in a class, your parent/guardian will be informed by the teacher.  At 5 lates, the student will be referred to a vice-principal who will inform your parent/guardian that a suspension may occur upon the next late. Students will not be allowed into class if they are more than 20 minutes late.  Such students must report to the attendance office.

Teacher refers student to vice principal with previous history of lates (4 lates to be recorded on tracking sheet).  Discussion with student and vice principal.  Vice Principal will contact parent and inform him/her that the student may be suspended upon the next late​

Occurrence  Action
1 to 4 Lates Discussion between the teacher and the student.
Detention with the teacher to make up the time missed.
Extra work may be assigned to make up time.
Contact home at the 4th late by teacher.
5th Late Teacher refers student to Vice Principal with previous history of lates (4 lates to be recorded on tracking sheet).
Discussion with student and vice principal.
Vice Principal will contact parent and inform him/her that disciplinary action will be taken which may include detention or suspension.
6th Lates or more Disciplinary action will be taken by administration which may include detention or suspension for 1 day.
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