Student Nutrition Program

Halton Food for Thought (HFFT) is a student nutrition program offered at our school that provides nutritious meals and encourages healthy eating habits in our community. The program is led by volunteers, and is offered free of charge to all of our students.

At Assumption, we offer a breakfast program that includes a minimum of three food groups, one always being a fresh fruit and/or vegetable as well as milk or a milk alternative. We also have a meal card program.

We always welcome your donations to keep the student nutrition program running at our school. Donations can be made through School Cash Online:

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering at our school through the HFFT student nutrition program, please contact Halton Food for Thought directly through email at: or by phone at: (905) 315-6842.

To learn more about HFFT student nutrition programs, visit their website.

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