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Art Club

We meet virtually every Thursday.

Please contact Ms. Paletta if you would like to be added to the club at any point in the school year.

Send a message through Teams, or an email with your full name and grade to:

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”
~ Anni Albers

Ms. Paletta – teacher/supervisor

Arts Council




  • To further develop and promote Arts based programs and talent within our school community.
  • To help promote and sustain student voice and leadership through the Arts.
  • To promote and sustain student well being and positive relationship building through the Arts.
  • To organize opportunities to showcase artistic talent by offering venues and spaces to exhibit work.

Supervisors: Mr.Chomyshyn – For Questions

Events Arts Council runs through the year:

Java Jam

Our first showcase of student artistic talent takes place at Java Jam in late Fall. Traditionally, this has been a show presented on our main stage featuring acoustic acts, monologues, dance numbers and other performances that are sure to keep you entertained. Our small foyer is transformed into an art gallery and we also provide coffee, snacks and other refreshments.

Assumption’s Rock Cafe

If you like to Rock, this is the show for you! Arts Council combines music, drama and dance to bring you a Rockin’ Good Time! The Rock Cafe occurs around March and attracts many talents from all sorts of musical backgrounds. Please be warned, it might get loud!

Arts Night

Arts night is a spring talent show held at the end of the school year, showcasing a cross-section of artistic talents of students and staff of Assumption. Students sing, dance, play instruments, act, show home-made videos, display artwork and even perform unusual acts. Front of house, lighting and sound are all managed by students.

Auditions are in May and open to everyone
One or two rehearsal days the week of the show
The show is on a Thursday or Friday evening from 7:00-10:00p.m.

Supervisor: Mr. Chomyshyn

Drama Club

Informal venue for students to present drama or play drama-based, or improvisational games. Sometimes the drama club will present drama in front of the school or at one of the talent shows.
Meeting times vary – This year the club meets occasionally – Listen for announcements

Supervisor: Ms. S. Smith

School Play

A musical play that is put on annually. Opportunities are available to act, or do backstage jobs. Last years musical was Mary Poppins.

Ms. Walsh – Director

Best Buddies

Visit for more information

Black History Month Planning Committee

Students meet weekly on Tuesday’s to plan, prepare and assist in the implementation of activities during Black History Month in February. New members are always welcome. Students will be awarded community service hours.

Location: TBD
Supervisor: TBD

Book Club


We welcome all members of the school, the MORE the merrier!! We plan to meet every 2 weeks virtually.  We will discuss timelines for finishing the books (based on how long they are).  But we would love to get your input based on what YOU think.

To Sign Up Use following link –

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club ensures all students have access to healthy breakfast options.

Volunteers set up the breakfast station, track supplies, and help with clean up. Student volunteers will be awarded community service hours.

Breakfast Club runs throughout the entire year, 5 days a week. Volunteers are usually only required once per week.


Chess Club

Room 212 Every Thursday after school

Supervisor: Mr. Soster and Ms. Risi

Assumption Get Loud

New members welcome. This is an active club that educates Assumption students about mental health, mental health struggles and strategies to enhance mental health.  


We meet in the Piazza alternate weeks Wednesday/Thursday
Supervisor: Ms. Misener 


Attention Business Students!
Sign Up for DECA!

Top 10 Reasons to Join DECA at Assumption

DECA is a non-for-profit career and technical student organization with over 215,000 members worldwide. Over the course of 70 years, DECA has been inspiring and shaping emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to succeed in the modern business world.

Assumption now has a registered DECA chapter that is planning to compete in multiple business competitions. If you have an interest in leadership, management, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, or marketing, talk to Mrs. Timperio, Mrs. Laferriere or Mr. Haley.

Dance Team

Students meet on a weekly basis to learn new choreography for the School Musical, Arts Night, and Our Competition Season.

Supervised by: Mrs. L. Verticchio and Mrs. M. Walsh


Want to prove you’re the best Rocket League player in the area?  Want to get involved with a school team from the comfort of your own home?

Rocket League only; can be played across all systems except Nintendo switch. Competition will be 3 vs 3; all are welcome (no limit on participants).  All Online/Virtual from your home.

Registration ends Wednesday December 2nd at 9pm.
Exhibition week will start on December 7th.
All play is monitored by staff members at all times. Wizzy Esports provides the hosting platform (
Cost is $37.50
No personal information is collected, students register with board identification.
If you are interested please complete the following form (you must use your account)

Equity Matters

Why should you join?

  • Safe space for discussion
  • Social justice issues
  • Plan school initiatives
  • Build anti-racist school community

Weekly virtual meetings every Tuesday at 2:45

Sign Up Here

Email Mr. Capobianco for any questions –

Spectrum Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Link to Spectrum GSA Google home page –


The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at Assumption Catholic Secondary aims to create an inclusive and supportive community for LGBTQ+ members and allies through action, awareness and education.


As a Catholic School, we recognize and promote the inherent dignity of all people and believe that each and every student deserves to feel welcome, safe, included, and respected in their school. Fundamental to the GSA is the belief that peer to peer initiatives and support can have a significant impact in creating safe spaces in our school. As a youth led movement we can act as champions for equity and inclusion for all.

Context for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance:

  • LGBTQ+ youth often face many challenges that contribute to putting them at greater risk for violence, abuse, isolation, mental illness, homelessness, and suicide. As a student led and adult supported group we foster a sense of belonging within a safe space by having access to other students who may offer support, connection and information about resources and services in the greater community.
  • LGBTQ+ youth are approximately three times more likely to attempt suicide than other youth (Kids Helpphone)
  • LBGTQ+ youth are more likely to report being discriminated against, verbally harassed, physically harassed or assaulted about perceived gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Studies show that 10% of secondary school adolescents reported being unsure of their sexual orientation (Williams et al., 2004)

Membership and Guidelines

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is an official student run – group with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirited, queer, questioning (LGBTQ+) and heterosexual student membership. The group is supported by Ms. Rerecich. Membership is open to students and staff at Assumption anytime of the year.

Mock Trials

The Mock Trial teams allow Grade 11 and 12 law students the opportunity to further develop and implement their public speaking and advocacy skills in a realistic courtroom setting. The Mock Trial teams compete against other schools at the Board, Inter-Board and Provincial levels.

Supervised by: Mrs. Wozniak, Mrs. Verticchio

Model United Nations Team

Model United Nations (MUN) gives students an opportunity to investigate global issues in greater depth and with an awareness of the diversity of cultures and perspectives that are found throughout the world. Students step into the shoes of the ambassadors representing UN member states to advocate for those states needs and positions on any global issue. The student delegate will: make speeches, ask questions, and negotiate with allies and adversaries all in the hopes of developing a UN Resolution to a global issue. This team is a natural extension of the English, Geography, History, Politics and Law curriculum that enhances a student understanding of citizenship responsibility and global solidarity.

Assumption’s Model UN team continues to be invited to conferences hosted by some of the worlds best universities and our group is known as one of the most comprehensive and largest teams in the GTA. Assumption students have been recognized with the designations of best position paper, best delegate, and outstanding delegate at several conferences including Yale University’s YMUN Conference and the Southern Ontario Model United Nations Conference.

To see our students in action, review the following twitter links:

Assumption hosts AMUN for gr. 7/8 students:

Assumption attends YMUN hosted by Yale University:

Crusaders in Action Justice Service Team (CIA)

CIA Google Home Page –

Students and Staff interested in learning about social justice issues, both local and global, and responding through awareness campaigns, petitions, fundraising, food drives and service projects are invited to be a part of the CIA.

Meet in Room 116 Thursday’s every other week

Supervisor: Ms. Rerecich and Mrs. Laferriere

School Band

Meeting once a week and open to music students who have completed grade 9 course. The band plays a variety of festival and pop music arranged for wind instruments.

Jr Band Practices are Monday after school in room 105

Sr Band Practices are Tuesday after school in room 105

Rock Band practices are Fridays after school in room 105

Supervisor: Mr. A. Sawzdargo

School Reach

Senior School Reach – Grades 11 and 12

School Reach involves memory, speed, knowledge and lots of fun! It is a trivia based game where players try to buzz in before opposing players with the questions being across a wide range of topics including geography, history, sports, current events, music, art and much more. The Assumption team is perennially one of the top teams in Ontario, placing eighth of over 300 teams last year and qualifying for the Provincial Championships 12 of the past 14 years.

We meet every Monday and Wednesday in Room 224 from 2:30 to 3:45. Everyone is welcome! Students may come to play friendly games or choose to represent Assumption in tournaments.

Supervised by: Mr. Colterman

Intermediate School Reach – Grades 9 and 10

This year, our reach team consists of 25 players who practice trivia questions using a buzzer system. We have a weekly practice from Sept to March. The students compete in three regular season tournaments where teams of 4 play against other schools in Burlington. We also have a championship tournament at the end of the season where all the school involved in Halton meet to determine a champion for the year.

We meet every Tuesday or Thursday in Room 224 from 2:30 – 3:45.

Supervised by: Mrs. R. Colterman and Ms. Colewka

Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors provide support for grade 9 students and transfer students in their transition to high school. They offer information, advice and support around academic expectations, extracurricular and athletic activities, social adjustment, and how to access additional resources available to new students.

Student Ambassadors are also the face of the school to the community at large. They are present at school events to which members of the community have been invited and their role at these events is to answer questions, provide information, and support the interests of the different school groups being showcased.


Student Council

Promoting Leadership through Student Council:

Assumption’s Student Council creates unity among students, administration, faculty, clubs, and community, and gives an opportunity to students to learn the skills of leadership during high school. Students promote school spirit and positive club interaction and encourage an attitude of Christian values based on our school’s philosophy.

Students learn innumerable skills including those of resource allocation, confidence building, learning to establish goals, delegating responsibility, and giving direction to their peers when executing various tasks. They learn to become good listeners, effective communicators, and take on multiple responsibilities, including coordinating school dances, school barbecues, and activities surrounding creating a positive school atmosphere and community spirit.

Student Council is for those who are interested in their school community and student life at Assumption beyond academics. They are hardworking, dedicated students who are eager to make student life memorable. Those who are elected by their peers are usually students with charisma, enthusiasm, passion, and desire to bring about change.

Teacher Supervisor: M. Caruso, A. Henry

Meetings every Wednesday 2:30 to 3:30pm

Team Unbreakable

We are a running group which runs after school during certain times of the year (Fall and Spring) to promote mental and physical well-being. We are open to runners of all abilities and start off with a mix of running and walking. We train following a program until we are able to run a 5K run in the community with a larger group organized by CameronRuns.

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