Code of Conduct

The Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) is committed to supporting schools in building and sustaining a positive school climate that is safe, inclusive, and accepting for all students in order to support their education so that all students reach their full potential. A progressive discipline approach combines prevention and intervention strategies and discipline with opportunities for students to continue their education. We ask that you please carefully read and review the most recent revision of Policy II-39 Progressive Discipline and Safety in Schools – Code of Conduct – Suspensions and Expulsions, as well as Administrative Procedure VI-44 Progressive Discipline and Safety in Schools. The HCDSB Code of Conduct and Standards of Behaviour sets clear expectations for individual schools to follow consistent with the requirements outlined in the Ontario Code of Conduct.

The HCDSB Code of Conduct and Standards of Behaviour applies not only to students, but to everyone involved in the school community, including parents, volunteers, teachers, early childhood educators and other staff members. The Code applies whether on school property, on school buses, at school-related events or activities, before and/or after school programs or in other circumstances that could have an impact on the school climate.

Back to School Grade Assembly Presentation 2022-2023

Every semester we hold Grade level assemblies to outline expectations for the upcoming term. We remind the students of the power of belonging to our Assumption community and encourage them to be a positive presence both inside the school and out in the greater community at large. We also ask them to engage in their specific courses; we remind our students that much of the high school experience is discovering personal gifts and passions, something best achieved through active participation in classes and in getting involved in the school beyond the classroom. 

Below, we have attached the information that was shared in our Grade level assemblies. 

Assumption Catholic Secondary Standards of Behaviour

School Bus

Transportation by school bus is a privilege.  Appropriate student behaviour is expected at all times with safety the overriding concern. You are responsible to the school for your behaviour on a school bus in the same way that you are in each class.

Inquiries regarding bussing should be directed to Halton Transportation Services at 1.888.803.8660 or

If, due to extreme weather and/or road conditions, buses do not operate, bulletins will be issued on local radio stations beginning at 6:30 a.m. or check the Board Website at

Student Parking

Parking on school property by students is a privilege and must park their vehicles only in the overflow parking lots on the east and west side of the property.  Students are to register their vehicle/s using the link below and pick up a parking pass to be kept in the vehicle/s.   (students need to use their email address) 

2022-2023 registration will be available in September


Smoking is known to be seriously injurious to everyone’s health.  Provincial law makes it illegal to smoke on school property – 24 hours per day.  Students are prohibited from smoking on school buses, in school buildings, on school grounds and during school activities.  Smoking/Vaping/cigarettes/e-cigarettes/vaporizers on school property are violations of the Tobacco Control Act and/or School and Board Policies.  Students guilty of smoking infractions on school grounds shall be suspended.  A ticket (minimum $305) may be issued by the Public Health Department Inspector.

Smoke Free Act Update


If a student is injured at school, the student or a witness is to inform the Main Office immediately and assistance will be rendered.

Lost and Found

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Students are strongly urged to leave all valuables at home. Personal items should be secured in the student’s locker during the school day and students must ensure that their locker is properly secured. All items found are to be brought to the Main Office. Students can claim items there or from the lost and found box located in the Cafeteria. Never leave valuables in the change rooms or unattended anywhere in the school or on the school grounds.


Casual visitors are not allowed in the building or on the school grounds during the school day. Parents are welcome in the school at anytime; however, parents are encouraged to contact the school, during school hours, for an appointment in order to review any matter pertaining to the educational needs of their son/daughter.

All visitors are to sign the visitor book located in the main office.


Lockers are loaned to students for their convenience, but remain the property of Assumption Catholic Secondary School and the Halton Catholic District School Board. The administration may open any locker, at any time. Lockers will be assigned by the school staff prior to the first day of school. Students may not switch lockers or share their locker with other students. Do not let anyone know the combination to your lock.

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