Academic Support

At Holy Trinity, we believe that every student can learn and be successful in high school. The Student Success Program helps students to achieve this goal. We also recognize that each student has their own unique goals, interests and strengths.Working in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Student Success program aims to improve the learning experience for all students, especially those who are struggling, who need extra attention and academic support, or who are looking for new challenges in high school.

Holy Trinity has TWO Student Success Teachers (SST) – Mr. Pillai (Grade 9) Mrs. Castiglione (Grade 10), who acts as a student advocate and mentor to ensure the success of all students, particularly those who may experience challenges as they transition from elementary to secondary school. The Student Success Teacher is responsible for a variety of initiatives that are aimed at engaging students in grade 9 and 10 who might be considered at risk of not successfully completing a secondary school program.

The SST works most closely with individual students, classroom teachers, and Student Success Team members. The Student Success Team comprises a dedicated group of individuals that include, the Principal; Vice-Principals; SST; Guidance Counselors; and other teachers.

In collaboration with the Student Success School Team, the Student Success Teacher:

  • supports students through key transition points from elementary to secondary school, grade 10 to senior level courses, and from secondary school to post-secondary destinations including college, the workplace, university and apprenticeships;
  • works in partnership with classroom teachers to support students who are experiencing academic and social/ emotional challenges; and
  • keeps students on track for graduation through educational pathway and career planning, goal setting and ongoing monitoring of student marks, assignments, due dates, attendance and attitudes.

Through the Student Success program, students have the opportunity to:

  • Benefit from individualized attention and support from a variety of school personnel
  • Choose from more options for learning, including Credit Recovery, Expanded Co-operative Education, Specialist High Skill Majors, Dual Credit Programs, and e-Learning
  • Seek help in solving problems they may have previously faced alone

Student Success is about the whole student and providing the necessary supports so that every student has the opportunity for academic and personal success.

De Franco, RobAcademic Support