Student Services Appointments

Dear Parents and Students of Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School,

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year! We are very excited for the upcoming school year and working in collaboration with you.  

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, and with your safety in mind,  at this time, we are not doing face to face meetings with students and parents, nor are we accepting walk-in registrations at the school. Instead…

For our current Holy Trinity students, the Student Services Department will be using a google form to address the following timetable requests.

Click HERE to sign up for a phone appointment with your counselor.

Also, be advised that we will make every effort to honour your request. In the event that we cannot make your change, a counsellor will email you or call your home to let you know before school starts.  

In addition, counselors will not be making elective changes, teacher changes, lunch period changes, class period changes, changes to spares or changes to cohort. 

     Once we receive your registration and determine that you live in our boundary,  our secretary will contact you via email or by phone to review the required documentation needed to complete the registration process. 

Students will be able to see their timetables on the Student Information System prior to the start of the school year. However, we are waiting for confirmation from the Board regarding the date and process for timetable access and cohort assignments. The school will send out any updates once we have this information. 

Parents / Guardians, we ask that you share this important information with your child. 

On behalf of Student Services, we welcome you back and look forward to working with you and your child!

Wishing you good health.

Kind Regards,

Holy Trinity Student Services

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