Catholic School Council


Holy Trinity School Council



  • Joe Morgante – Chair
  • Teresa Castellarin, Principal
  • Marguerite Murad – Treasurer
  • Cindy Cannata -Secretary
  • Tony Pavelic – Parish Representative
  • Erin Bell – Community Representative
  • Lindsay Andrews & Paul Cushing – Staff Representatives
  • Dali Varma – Fundraising Representative
  • Felicia Aurelis – Used Uniform Sales Representative
  • Kelly Field – OAPCE Representative

2021-2022 Holy Trinity Catholic School Council Meeting Dates:   6:30 pm (virtual Teams meeting)

  • Tuesday October 5, 2021 
  • Tuesday November 2, 2021
  • Tuesday January 11, 2022
  • Tuesday February 8, 2022
  • Tuesday April 5
  • Tuesday June 7, 2022

HT Catholic School Council Meeting Minutes

HT Catholic School Council Minutes Oct. 5, 2021

HT Catholic School Council Meeting Minutes Nov. 2, 2021

HT Catholic School Council Minutes January 11, 2022 

HT Catholic School Council Meeting Minutes Feb. 8 2022

HT Catholic School Council Minutes April 5, 2022

FAQs for Incoming Students & their Parents/Guardians


Who is the uniform provider?

  • McCarthy Uniforms will be the sole uniform supplier for HCDSB schools commencing February 1, 2021.McCarthy Uniforms Oakville Location
  • Beige pants will be cycled out over the next 3 years.

How do I purchase the uniforms?

When should I buy my child(ren)’s uniform?

  • Prior to the first day of school. The uniform provider may have sales in the summertime, so you may want to check their website for any information.
  • Please keep in mind as we move closer to the start of the Fall term there will likely be wait times. Best time to order uniforms is June/July prior to the new school year.

What are the recommended purchases for uniforms?

  • It is up to you on what/how many you purchase. The following will be available for purchase; pants, short sleeve golf shirts, long sleeve golf shirts, rugby shirt, hoodies,

Can I donate my child’s uniform to the school after they graduate? If so, where/who do I donate it to?

  • Yes!
  • You will be provided information through the school. Usually the items are collected at the end of gr. 12..

When is the uniform sale held?

  • There will be a gently used uniform sale in June and the following September. The school will share if the sale is open during select evening events throughout the year.

Where is the uniform sale held?

  • The uniform sale is usually held in the Cafeteria at the school. More information will be available on the website closer to the date.


How do I know what classes my child needs to take for each year (i.e. Grades 9-12)?

  • For Grade 8 students coming into the school, the application package clearly outlines what required courses your child needs to take and what elective courses are available. For Grade 9 students, they will see in their myBlueprint accounts what courses they must take and what electives are available to take.
  • The guidance counsellors are also available to meet with students/parents to help with course selection. They can help to ensure that the appropriate courses are being taken to earn the OSSD, as well as ready the student for post-secondary.

How do I report my child’s absence from school?

  • There are 3 ways to report your child absent:
    • Through the SchoolMessenger Mobile app
    • The SchoolMessenger website
    • Call toll-free 1-844-445-4505.

I hear there is a class called “Career Studies”.  What does it entail?  When do students take this?

  • This class is a required course in Grade 10. It allows the students to examine possible career choices and related information. It is a shared credit with Civics – half the credit/time will be spent on Careers and the other half on Civics. It is possible to take a summer course prior to starting grade 10.

For Grade 8 Students: If classes are going to be online again when my child attends HT, what systems do they use? How do they login?

  • All classes begin from the D2L landing page, from there teachers may use either Google Classroom or D2L. Teachers will ensure that the students understand how to navigate the online classrooms no matter the platform.
  • Microsoft Teams is also used for online/synchronous teaching of/for students.
  • You can access these platforms through the HT website: “Students” / “Academics” / “Student Online Access”. Student Online Access
  • You will be given more information prior to starting HT with your account information/passwords and instructions. If you have any technical difficulties when logging in, please contact the Help Desk directly at:

Is there any homework help?

  • Currently, there is academic support called Virtual Academic Support on the scheduleavailable online through Microsoft Teams from 12:40pm – 1:50pm for any subject. Students just need to login through Microsoft Teams or D2L (leads to Teams) and there will be a group button for Homework Help.

Will my child be given homework to do? If so, what is the average amount of time a week is given?

  • Each student will be given homework according to the teacher.

Does my child have to take the academic stream to get into University?

  • Yes, Academic level classes (beginning in gr. 9) are recommended for students intending to apply to university. Although, there is some flexibility in this depending on the program to which the student is applying. Once again, your child’s guidance counsellor can offer insight and assistance regarding these decisions. It is important to contact Student Services so they can answer any questions.

What clubs and extracurricular activities are available for students to join?

  • Currently, the clubs are limited due to the Covid situation. However, you can find a list of regular clubs on the HT website under “students” / “clubs and activities” or here: Clubs & Activities

Who do I contact if my child is having technical issues during the live teaching stream (when studying from home)?

My child is going to school for half weeks (Cohort A or B).  What do I need to do if my child is not going into the school on their specific day, but will connect online for the class for that day?

  • If your child is in Cohort A or B and will miss an in-school class, even though s/he will attend online, you must record your child as absent from class in the School Messenger App under Attendance – this is for a number of safety reasons.

Where do I find my child’s schedule/timetable?

  • In the SIS system (Student Information System). You can find this on the HT website: “Students” / “Student Services” / “Student Information System” SIS Student Information System.
  • You will need the student number (given to you just before the beginning of Grade 9), not the OEN number.
  • Grade 8 students will be given their schedule through email communications to access the SIS system. Please follow the instructions in that email.

Can my child change to online learning or join Cohort A/B midway through a quadmester?

  • A student can move to Cohort C at any time throughout a quadmester. Although moving from Cohort C back to A or B can only happen at the beginning of each quadmester.

 Can my child switch between the Applied and Academic streams.

  • The deadline to switch levels will be communicated. Please be sure to contact your child’s Guidance Counsellor to discuss the best options for your child.

Where do I find the student marks for their classes?

  • This will be available through the SIS (Student Information System) for “mid-term” marks and final marks. You can access the SIS system through the HT Website: “Students” / “Student Services” / “Student Information System” SIS Student Information System.
  • You will need your child’s Student # and birthdate to sign in.



What does SIS stand for?

  • Student Information System

What can I find in the SIS system?

  • The student timetable, mid-term marks and final marks (when available).

How do I find the link to the SIS system?



If a student has an IEP, how are they accommodated?

New grade 9 students entering from an HCDSB feeder school

  • The Department Head of Special Ed meets with all staff, students and parents from our feeder schools to ensure a smooth transition.
  • The IEP is transferred internally. It is a seamless process
  • An HT SERT is assigned to the student as his/ her SERT.
  • The DH of Special Ed will also speak to the opportunity of a transition meeting with the parents/ guardians and the sending school as well as any other transition supports and plans.

New students entering grade 9 from a public or private school

  • Once you complete registration with our Student Services Department, tell the staff that your child has an IEP (Individual Education Plan)
  • They will have you contact the Department Head of Special Ed.
  • She will then ask you for a copy of: your child’s IEP (if he/she has one), a copy of the psychological assessment and/ or other assessments that inform the IEP (e.g. medical assessments, speech reports, occupational therapy).
  • The DH will ask for consent from the parent to share the assessments with our HCDSB psychology staff. They will read and interpret the reports after May 1 and reply to the DH if the student meets criteria for identification or having an IEP with our Board. The DH will then report these findings to the parent.
  • If a student does meet criteria for an IEP, then the DH will add his/her name to our identified list and assign a SERT to the student for the fall. We will write an “informal” or non-identified IEP in September and inform classroom teachers so that the student begins the year with the necessary accommodations. The SERT will also reach out to both student and parent.
  • If a student meets criteria to be identified as exceptional under one of the Ministry of Education categories, then we will have an IPRC (Identification, Placement, Review Committee) meeting later (usually in November) to formally identify.

Are there any mobile apps that are associated with Holy Trinity that I should download in order to keep up with any news?

  • Yes!
    • You can download this from the App store and choose your school from the options. You will find information on communications that are sent out and can report an absence.
  • MySchoolDay: You can download this from the App store. This app allows us to share important information with students and parents/guardians, and will allow

students to add their timetable, track their homework and due dates, and interact with teachers and coaches.  More information: MySchoolDayApp Info

  • Pulse (Brightspace Pulse): You can download this from the App store. This app allows students and parents to keep up to date with communications that include school information, grades being given, when to submit assignments (if the teacher submits this info) and other information.

What social media/accounts are used for HT for parents/students to follow?

  • On Instagram:
    • @holytrinityoak
    • @htchaplain2: HT Chaplain
    • @holytrinityguidance: HT Student Services
    • @htshield: Titan’s S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • @htsocialjustice: Holy Trinity SJ League
    • @htstudco: Holy Trinity School Council

There may be more accounts as the school year progresses for any clubs that are running.

How can I participate as a parent at Holy Trinity?

  • HT would love for you to participate as a parent! Please join the School Council team and participate in monthly meetings (first Tuesday of each month in the evening). Here, school topics will be discussed and you can volunteer to be part of the board or other tasks as needed. You can contact the school principal’s assistant to be put on the email distribution list:


School Council Meeting Minutes

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