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S.H.I.E.L.D. Leadership Program


The goals of the SHIELD program are:

  • To help our Grade 8 students make the transition to high school a more comfortable and inclusive experience
  • To develop servant leadership qualities in students
  • To give students the opportunity to support and be a part of the school’s improvement plan
  • To allow students a formal opportunity to serve their Catholic School community


  • To act as mentors and leaders of our Catholic school community
  • To become mentors to grade nines to assist with the transition into high school. (Gr. 11)
  • To promote positive, constructive leadership as senior students to the student body
  • To assist the schools administration in supporting initiatives that serves the goals of the school
  • To represent the school at particular junctions or to welcome distinguished guests to school
  • To act in an ambassadorial role whenever required. (Gr 12)


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