Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Christ the King Catholic Secondary School and the Halton Catholic District School Board are dedicated to providing and enhancing a Catholic community of learning in which students will be afforded equal opportunities to achieve their potential in spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and social development.  It is the expectation of the school and the Board that students will respond positively to this policy and act accordingly.

Student Rights

  • To be respected in both person and conscience as a child of God;
  • To learn in a safe, orderly and stimulating environment;
  • To have appropriate access to the facilities and equipment of the school;
  • To participate in appropriate programs offered by the school;
  • To be conscientiously instructed by teaching staff.

Student Responsibilities

  • To participate fully in the religious life of the school, including the celebration of liturgy, religious education courses and related activities;
  • To develop personal skills and talents to serve God and thereby his/her neighbour;
  • To contribute positively to the Catholic climate of the school;
  • To respect the person and the rights of all members of the school community;
  • To respect, obey and co-operate will all adults in positions of responsibility in the school community;
  • To comply will all school expectations and regulations respecting student behaviour;
  • To use language that is appropriate to his/her dignity as a Catholic;
  • To adhere to the school dress code;
  • To respect the property of the school at all times: building, grounds, equipment, materials;
  • To be in attendance and punctual at all classes and scheduled activities, with the materials required for full participation.

Physical, verbal (oral or written), sexual, or psychological abuse; bullying; or discrimination on the basis of race, culture, religion, gender, language, disability, sexual orientation or any other attribute are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

It is expected that students will accept the direction of all staff in manners of behaviour in the school, on school property and during school activities, such as assemblies, field trips and athletic events.

Students must report to the Office when directed by staff members or risk further consequences and/or suspensions.

Range of Consequences

The Student Code of Conduct includes a clear outline of realistic and effective consequences for failure to meet the expectations.  Interventions to help students develop self-discipline will be administered to meet individual needs.

Parents, students, school staff and administrators are strongly encouraged to invest themselves in collaborative approaches to the resolution of behaviour concerns.

The following are basic interventions and strategies that may be initiated by a teacher and/or administrator.  This list does not inclusive nor does it imply that each consequence must be exercised before moving to subsequent consequences:

  • Informal interview with the student;
  • Verbal or written explanation of behaviour by the student;
  • Formal interview with the student;
  • Parental involvement: phone call, correspondence, interview;
  • Involvement of school support staff;
  • Peer counselling;
  • Detention of student;
  • Removal of student from classroom to an alternate setting within the school with supervision;
  • Referral to Student Services;
  • Withholding or deferral of a course credit because of non-attendance;
  • Removal of privileges to attend school-related activities or programs;
  • Removal of busing privileges;
  • Utilization of a behaviour, attendance or performance contract;
  • Expectation that the student make restitution
  • Involvement of, or referral to, outside agencies (e.g. Children’s Aid Society; Police);
  • Suspension in accordance with the Education Act and Board Policy and Procedure;
  • Expulsion in accordance with the Education Act and Board Policy and Procedure.

Not withstanding the above, the Principal and/or Vice Principals will take immediate and appropriate action in any situation involving the welfare of students and staff.

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