“School chaplaincy is a pastoral role carried out in an educational setting in a collaborative and cooperative manner in order to promote the spiritual and human development of the members of the Catholic school community.”

– Ontario Bishops, Pastoral Letter on Catholic Secondary School Chaplaincy, OCCB, March 2009

It is understood to be an essential ministry to the whole Catholic school community, students and staff. This ministry is collaborative and encourages the gifts of others; it is pastoral and spiritual, involving liturgy and prayer, teaching, counselling and witness.

Chaplains are professionals who have undergone theological education and formation to prepare themselves for this role. Chaplains understand that they share in the Church’s ministry to its members and are guided by the Church’s teaching and practical advice; they foster a sense of collegiality with all the Church’s ministers; and, they understand their specific ministry in the broader context of the life of the Diocese.

Mary Lozowsky is our school Chaplaincy Leader.

We encourage you to check back again soon as the Chaplain will use this page to share information with our school community.


CtK Compassionate Care Team

Resources in Times of Grief and Loss

CtK has a school-based team that responds to crisis and loss/death in our school community. Our mandate is to be emotional first responders in the first days or weeks. Students and their families are affected long after that. We are suggesting the following resources to help students and their families on the path of grieving. If you choose, we are here as supportive companions on the journey.

School-Based Supports for Grief

We offer a Grief Group for students who have experienced a death of a relative or close friend. We create a confidential space where students can heal through listening, talking or doing activities as they learn healthy ways to cope. This year we will meet on Teams beginning in Quadmester Two. Our Chaplain, Ms. Lozowsky and our CYC, Mrs. James will be leading the group.

Students can also meet with our chaplain individually for support. Ms. Lozowsky is available to recommend resources, offer guidance or just listen. Students can drop by virtually during Academic Support using the “Chaplain Channel” or they can email to set up an appointment. 

Often students have a teacher or coach with whom they are willing to speak. Many students are encouraged and uplifted by a few words from a caring staff member. Sometimes all they need is another adult to listen to them.

Sometimes a student experiences complicated grief. In these cases we would involve our Child Youth Counselor or our Social Worker with parental consent. Sometimes outside resources will be recommended.

Web Resources for Grief and Loss

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Resources for Youth    video series

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Support Groups

Other Services

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