Virtual Academic Support

As a part of a student’s daily synchronous learning, all students are expected to log into D2L where they can access Virtual Academic Support on TEAMS from 1:10 – 2:25 pm.

Teachers have been, and will continue to be, available in department and subject-specific Virtual Academic Support Groups:

  1. Arts
  2. Business
  3. Canadian and World Studies
  4. English
  5. French
  6. GLE
  7. Guidance/Co-op/Credit Recovery/Student Success
  8. Health and Physical Education
  9. Mathematics
  10. Religious Education, Social Sciences and the Humanities
  11. Science
  12. Technological Studies

When a student logs into VAS, they can choose one of the above areas to access help, support or to have questions answered. When they do, it will take them to a Microsoft TEAMS meeting to join.  Teachers will be on hand and will be able to help and support them.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to complete homework and ask questions as needed.

Should parents/guardians have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the school administration at 905-702-8838.

Please note that attendance is tracked and monitored for this instructional period.

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