School Policies

General Information

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School has high expectations of all students. Respect for all members of our school community, the pursuit of academic excellence, standards of dress and student responsibility are part of the St. Thomas Aquinas philosophy. Students who enroll at St. Thomas Aquinas accept these ideals and agree to abide by the St. Thomas Aquinas Code of Student Expectations and the Dress Code.


All students are expected to follow the direction of the classroom teachers and school administration with respect to the use of electronic devices in the school. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


If a student is injured at school, the student and/or a witness is to inform the Main Office immediately, and assistance will be rendered.


Lockers are loaned and quality locks are provided to students for their convenience, but remain the property of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School and the Halton Catholic District School Board. Students are responsible for the replacement cost of any lost or damaged locks. The administration may open any locker, at any time. Students are responsible for keeping their locker clean and presentable. Pictures and/or slogans kept inside the locker must conform to the values and ideals of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Learning Community.  Please do not keep anything of significant value in your locker – it is not burglar proof.  Do not let anyone know the combination to your lock. Backpacks are to be kept in your locker – they are not allowed in classes, cafeteria or the Library.


The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Students are strongly urged to leave all valuables at home.  Personal items should be secured in the student’s locker during the school day and students must ensure that their locker is properly secured. All items found are to be brought to the Main Office.  Students can claim items there or from the lost and found box. Never leave valuables in the change rooms or unattended anywhere in the school or on the school grounds. The school will not be responsible for any losses or damages.


Transportation by school bus is a privilege. Riding the bus is an extension of the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Learning Community. This means all rules that are enforced in the school are also enforceable on the bus to and from school. Appropriate student behaviour is expected at all times with safety the overriding concern. You are responsible to the school for your behaviour on a school bus in the same way that you are in each class.

Inquiries regarding bussing should be directed to Halton Catholic Student Transportation Services: telephone 1-888-803-8660; fax 905-637-4023;


The use of skateboards is not permitted inside the school or on the sidewalk surrounding the perimeter of the school building.


Smoking, vaping, and juuling are serious health hazards. The Halton Catholic District School Board has a strict no smoking policy in all school and administrative buildings. Students are prohibited from smoking, vaping or juuling on school buses, in school buildings, and on school grounds-including in cars parked on school property, during the school day, and at student activities. Smoking, vaping, juuling and /or loitering in front of the school property, including bus shelters, is strictly forbidden. Smoking, vaping, juuling or any electronic cigarettes under any of these circumstances will result in a suspension. The Halton Catholic District School Board adopted a strict no smoking policy in all schools and administrative buildings in September 1988. Provincial law makes it illegal to smoke on school property – 24 hours per day.   Students guilty of smoking infractions will be issued a school suspension. A ticket may also be issued ($305 minimum) by the Public Health Department Inspector. Students cannot use or bring any e-cigarettes or vaporizers to the school.  Students found in possession of any of the above will be suspended.


Teachers, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff, Commissionaires and school bus drivers provide a variety of valuable services for students. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful of all staff and to follow their directions. Failure to do so will result in a school consequence, including suspension.


Students driving private vehicles must park their vehicles only in the student designated parking lot. Irresponsible use of any vehicle on school property will not be tolerated. The school reserves the right to deny access to school property to any vehicle.


Casual visitors are not allowed in the building or on the school grounds during the school day. Students are not to invite visitors to the school without the prior approval of the administration. Parents are welcome in the school at anytime; however, parents are encouraged to contact the school, during school hours, for an appointment in order to review any matter pertaining to the educational needs of their son/daughter. Should parents require a regular update on student progress and/or attendance, please contact us and we would be pleased to respond as soon as possible. All visitors are to sign in at the main office upon arrival

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